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Toile Quilt

Updated on March 16, 2011

Toile Bedding

A toile quilt is great way to introduce an interesting fabric and pattern into your home. Toile bedding encompasses many items that you find on a bed including quilts, pillow cases, shams, sheets, and bed skirts.

The word toile is pronounced (twaal) and is thought to originated in France during the 1700's. It is believed that French designers would use toile as inexpensive way to test patterns on fabric. If the pattern was liked it would than be transferred to a more expensive fabric.

Toile is not produced the same as it first was, by hand. Today it is most often produced by a technique called engraved plate printing. This produces a more perfect pattern and print and also speeds up the process.

Choosing A Toile Quilt

Today toile is considered to be fine printing on fabric that contains a pattern. The most common patterns are floral and landscapes, but any pattern or scene can be found on toile.

Also today a pink toile quilt is most often considered to be a country way of decorating a bedroom or more specifically a French country theme. Toile bedding can be many colors, the most often used color of toile bedding is red and blue.

Toile is most often printed on 100% cotton but can also be found on other materials.

Toile bedding is often found in sets, so that when you purchase everything will contain the same pattern. Most common items that are included in the sets are a toile quilt or comforter, toile pillow cases, and toile sheets.

Shopping for toile bedding has become easier in the recent years. Most home stores will carry a couple collections of toile quilt sets if not more. If you cannot find something that you like in store, many toile bedding sets are also available from many reputable online sellers like and eBay.

Toile Quilt
Toile Quilt


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