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Create French Fashion With Toile Throw Pillows

Updated on March 21, 2011

Many Uses for a Toile Throw Pillow

Toile throw pillows are accent pillows with a toile pattern. Toile was first introduced by French fashion designers during the 16th century to test patterns. The fashion designers would use cheap linen to test their patterns and this is how toile began.

The toile throw pillow is most commonly used to accent chairs, couches, and beds. They are the perfect addition to any room that is trying to create a French theme. The pillows can be found in a multitude of colors and patterns, making their use possible almost any room no matter the present room color or decor.

Toile throw pillows are also good if you are looking to add a change to your present bedroom or living room and do not want to buy all new furniture. They can really bring about a dramatic change in a room's look, It is kind of amazing how such a simple element of decor can make such a dramatic change in a room.

Shopping For Toile Throw Pillows

Toile throw pillows are what I would call a specialty item. This being so you may have difficulty finding the perfect toile throw pillow. The pillows can be found in many patterns and styles, the hardest part maybe just finding them, put if you are looking to add a touch of French style to your home the search can be well worth it.

You may find toile throw pillows at your local retail stores but more than likely you will need to go to specialty bedding or furniture store to find a good variety. Additionally on-line shopping will be a great way to find these pillows.

You can find toile throw pillows online at or

toile throw pillow
toile throw pillow


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