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How Toilet Installation and Vent Pipe

Updated on November 5, 2010

Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation
Toilet Installation

So, are you planning to install a toilet?

So, you are starting a home plumbing project and you are planning to add a new toilet with it?

What should you take in consideration before installing a new toilet? Here is a few tips that you should consider, before moving forward with such an idea.

In order to make sure that a new toilet installation is something feasible, consider the followings:

1 - Is there any existing plumbing close by to the location where the toilet will be installed?

2 - If not, how much plumbing will need to be done?

3 - Have you ever done this type of work?

4 - Does the room where the future toilet will be installed has enough space for a toilet? Sink, Shower or tub if applicable?

5 - Have you consider the fact that, when installting a toilet, you will also have to install drain pipes for secondary lines and water lines, no including electrical work?

Distance Between the Toilet and Vent Stack

 Before installing a toilet, you must first be able to answer all the above questions, by answering them, you will be able to determine whether the project is something that you can do or not.

However, answering the above questions is not everything that you should take in consideration, another thing that you must think about is where the toilet will be installed. What is the distance between the toilet and the vent stack?

The distance between the toilet and the vent stack will depend on the size of the pipe that will installed with it and the size of vent stack that it will connected to.

If a toilet is being connected to a 3" sewer pipe, the toilet should not be further than 6 feet from the stack.

If the toilet is being connected to a 4" sewer pipe than, the toilet should not be further than 10 feet from the stack.


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