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Garden Tips Tuesday!

Updated on July 14, 2015

Grow Tulips year 'round!

I absolutely LOVE Tulips AND this great tip from Pinterest about how to grow them indoors, year 'round!

Place marbles or rocks in the bottom of a vase. Then, fill water up just below the rocks. Place your bulbs on the top of the rocks and watch them grow and bloom, all year long!

  • One question I do have about this, do the tulips spread? Please, let me know in the comments!

Diaper Tricks!

Yes, we all know babies wear diapers, but what if I told you that's not the only thing diapers can be used for?! Oh yeah! We've found a way to use them in gardening!

You know how the diaper works right? Theres material over a layer of little beads of some sort (looks similar to salt or sugar). Once your child goes to the bathroom, the beads soak in the waste, therefore, holding it in the diaper. Can you see how this can help in the garden? Simply get the UNUSED beads out of the diaper and mix them in with your dirt!

Still don't know what to do? Here's a play-by-play!

  • Cut the diaper, over a sheet of paper or some kind of container.
  • pour the beads out and into the container.
  • put some dirt that you plan on using in the container until it is about 2/3rd or 3/4th the way full.
  • add water and wait for it to expand!

Now your plants will always have some sort of water available! Obviously, continue to water your plants as usual! But, now they will never go with out! It's basically like you and food. You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not be hungry, but it is still nice to have that extra little snack in between every now and then!

Gardening with Recyclable Plastic Bottles

Okay, we all know that plastic bottles are seriously taking over our landfills. Which is flat out stupid because most of the companies now are making them biodegradable because of it! So we need to recycle these sweet suckers! WAIT. NO! Y'all, they are biodegradable! Do you know what that means? BURY THEM! You think I'm joking! Bury them next to your plants!

  • Poke holes all over the bottle!
  • Put it in the ground upright next to your plant.
  • Begin to water your plant over where the bottle is.
  • This will allow the roots to receive more attention and water!

Fabulous! Not only are you helping the world, you are growing great, healthy plants!


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