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Top 10 Flowers to Give a Girl

Updated on November 20, 2015
Beautiful Flowers
Beautiful Flowers | Source

Flowers are only few of those beautiful things in life that can help someone feel at ease. Giving flowers is an ultimate way of expressing emotion. Unlike material things, flowers can leave deep and lasting impressions or sometimes even good memories. If you have an intention of saying something like asking for an apology; expressing how you missed someone; showing your love; or conveying a certain profound intention, you can give flowers. Giving flowers is always a good way to start a conversation. Almost every girl loves flowers. Receiving a bouquet or even a single piece gives a feeling of lightheartedness and importance. Leave an impression; let her know your existence. The countdown list below will provide a brief summary of the best flowers you can give to a girl.

Gerbera with pink and white petals
Gerbera with pink and white petals | Source
White daisy
White daisy | Source

# 10 Daisy (Bellis Perennis)

Daisy is a flower known for its simplicity. Daisy colonies can be found naturally growing in the wide lawns of Europe. The species was also introduced in some temperate regions in the Americas and Asia. Bellis in Latin means pretty while Perennis means everlasting. Common daisies are abundant and naturally invasive. Gerbera daisies are the most popular and the most expensive of its kind.

Symbolic Meaning: Simplicity, Cheerfulness, Innocence

Color: Assorted but daisies with deep yellow core and white petals are the most common

Flower size: Small

Florist Price: $2- $80

Seed Price: 0 - $1.20 per lot

* Florist price can be the price from a single flower to a large bouquet

*Color and Species can also affect the florist price

Blue hydrangeas
Blue hydrangeas | Source

# 9 Hydrangea

Hydrangea have clustered flowers that naturally grow in Eastern Asia, temperate regions of the Americas and some part of the Himalayas and Indonesia. Its name comes from the Latin words hydro which means water and angos which means jar. The parent plant grows as shrubs or trees. The shape of the flower can be mop-head where the flower cluster looks literally like a mop or pom-poms. It can also take a conical appearance. When the arrangement is made up of flattened flowers it is shaped like a lace-cap.

Symbolic Meaning: Heartfelt Emotions

Color: Naturally white, variations in color are dependent in soil acidity.

Flower size: Small but forms in medium to large clusters

Florist Price: $ 3.50 -$ 90

Seed Price: $0.2 - $0.78 per lot

Gardenia with soft shadows
Gardenia with soft shadows | Source

#8 Gardenia (Gardenia )

Gardenias are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Australasia. It is grown as an ornamental plant because of its unique sweet smell. Because gardenias are endemic to the tropics it requires a good amount of humidity and sunlight. Flowers bloom faster in slightly acidic loam soil.

Symbolic Meaning: Purity, Sweetness

Color: Commonly White

Flower size: Medium to Large

Florist Price: $10 - $90

Seed Price: $0.24 - $1.30 per lot

Ball dahlia
Ball dahlia | Source

#7 Dahlia (Dahlia)

Dahlia is a plant native in Mexico and some parts of South America. Dahlia grows in places that do not experience hard winters (or places with sub-zero temperature). Dahlias are classified in 14 groups depending in the flower type. Some popular dahlia groups are Ball dahlias and Pompon dahlias.

Symbolic Meaning: Creativity, Inner Strength

Color: Assorted

Flower size: Small to Large

Florist Price: $1 - $45

Seed Price: $0.30 - $1.35

Lilium washingtonianum
Lilium washingtonianum | Source

# 6 Lily (Lilium )

Liliums or true lilies have trumpet-shaped flowers that do not grow in places with extreme climate. Lilies are a common favorite of gardeners because of its inert potential to attract butterflies. Although there are many species of lily almost all of them radiates an aura of unparalleled beauty. Lilies are also used as gifting items.

Symbolic Meaning: Modesty, Purity of the Heart, Gaiety, Virginity, Passion

Color: Orange, White, Pink, Yellow and Violet

Flower Size: Medium to Large

Florist Price: $15 -$270

Seed/Bud Price: $ 1.20 - $10.00

Cattleya photo
Cattleya photo | Source

#5 Orchid (Genus Orchidaceae)

The Orchid family is one of the most widespread flowering plants along with the daisy family. They can be found in any region except for locations near the ice caps. Orchid flowers are very distinct: they are bilaterally symmetrical, can bloom in almost all seasons, their petals are well developed, and their seeds are all relatively small. The plant also has a very good adaptability. The flowers are very beautiful and one can choose from many varieties available.

Symbolic Meaning: Grace, Joy, Happiness

Color: Assorted

Flower Size: Small to Medium

Florist Price: $ 6.50 - $ 110.00

Seed Price: $0.40 - $ 4.35

A sunflower
A sunflower | Source

#4 Sunflower (Helianthus)

Sunflowers are flowers with prominent bright yellow petals. This annual plant can grow over 16 feet in height. Helianthus is coined from two different Latin words helios which means sun and anthos which means flower. Sunflowers originated from North America. The flowers are commonly used as decors while the seeds are extracted for oil.

Symbolic Meaning: Good Luck, Faith, Healing

Flower Size: Small to Large

Florist Price: $1.00 - $ 40.00

Seed Price: ---

*seeds are commercially used therefore often bought in very large quantities

Gladiolus decoratus
Gladiolus decoratus | Source

#3 Iris (Iridaceae)

The flower is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. Iris species are commonly found in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Irises are grown as ornamental plants. Iris is one of those flowers that were painted by famous artists, like Vincent van Gogh. It had become popular to the monarchs of medieval era and also has become a symbol of different flags and coat of arms.

Symbolic Meaning: Eloquence, Wisdom, Faith, Purity

Color: Assorted and Multicolor

Flower size: Medium

Florist Price: no data available

Seed Price: no data available

Tulips | Source

#2 Tulips (Tulipa L.)

Tulips are perennial plants that are grown from bulbs. They naturally grow in mountainous areas of temperate regions. Tulips appear to have stemless blue green leaves and commonly bear a single flower. These flowers had become extremely popular in the mid 1600’s. The tulip mania created one of the largest economic bubbles in history. In the period of Dutch Golden Age the prices for tulip bulbs exploded then plummeted sharply. Nevertheless, tulips will always be one of the most appreciated flowers in the world.

Symbolic Meaning: PERFECT LOVE

Color: Assorted

Flower size: Small to Medium

Florist Price: $10 - $ 300.00

Seed/Bulb Price: $ 2.00 - $ 20.00

Red rose
Red rose | Source
Pink rose
Pink rose | Source
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose | Source

#1 Roses ( Rosa L.)

Rose can be considered as the most popular flower. It can easily be grown in gardens and do not need any complicated method of gardening. Each color variety of roses carries symbolic meanings. They are perfect as gifting items and home decors. In expressing love for a girl red roses will definitely do the magic.

Symbolic Meaning:

Red – Love, Passion, Beauty

White – Purity, Innocence, Silence

Light Pink – Joy, Sweetness, Admiration

Dark Pink – Appreciation

Yellow – Friendship, Delight

Orange – Enthusiasm

Lavender – Enchantment

Color: Assorted

Flower size: Small to Medium

Florist Price: $ 2 - $300

Seed/Bulb Price: commonly grown from roots

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      Marco 2 years ago from near Andromeda

      You're welcome Linnea.

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      Linnea Lewis 2 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      All of them are very beautiful and would be a good gift, though roses are still the best :) Thank you for an interesting hub.