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Top 10 Power Saving Tips For Office

Updated on March 26, 2011

What the Fact

It is pretty common GAGA over going green at our homes but what about our offices, where we used to spend more time than our homes. Yes, offices are the major source of power consumption and other wastages like paper wastage.

There are some simple solution that can help to Green your office.

Go Green at Office
Go Green at Office

Top 10 Power Saving Tips

1. Go Natural

Setup your office according to capture all natural light.


2. Use Power Strip

Use power strip for your PC, it saves upto $125 per year.


3. Paint  White or Light

Use white or light color theme while desining your new office or when revamping office looks, as white color theme will enhance your lightining.


4. Use Laptops

Use laptops instead of desktops, as laptops consumes 90% less electricity than desktops.


5. Use Inkjets

Use Inkjets printer instead of laser printer as they also saves upto 90% electricity than laser printers.


6. Use High Efficiency Rated Appliance

Use High Efficiency Rated appliance, as they are bit costlier side but paybacks in terms of electricity bills


7. Use LEDs

Use LEDs instead of their old counterparts Flouroscent Tubes and Cascadent Lamps.


8. Limit Your Printer Usage

Try to use printer for printing important documents only, and power off the printer when not in use


9. Turn Off Wireless

Turn Off your wireless mouse, you can use keyboard shortcuts instead of your mouse.


10. Set AC in Normal Mode

Use AC in normal mode 23 C to 25 C, it will saves you around $200 a year per AC.


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