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Top 10 Products Which Are Frequently Bought Together With Chef Knives.

Updated on December 12, 2014

There's no denying that a chef knife is an essential tool in any modest kitchen setting. For this, it must be used conservatively and with great care. This prolongs its service lifespan. While the knife shouldn't really be any fancy or luxurious, it must be made of a quality material to ensure it lasts longer, works well and guarantees users safety. More so, it should spot an ergonomic design for easy handling. Even then, other support materials must be purchased with the knife. Such equipments are either eases use, improves storage, maintenance or cleaning. But while the support equipments are vital, many cooks end up buying a bunch of expensive but unnecessary kitchen wares that only bulk the kitchen ware. Below are top 10 products which are frequently bought together with chef knives. Read on.

1) Chopping boards.

This is the surface on which you chop your vegetables or cut the meat into sizable pieces. The ideal size of the chopping board is usually dependent on cutting tasks at hand and the space available on the kitchen table. Ideally, small boards are suited for cutting smaller food items such as onions and cheese. Cutting meat and vegetables may require a more spacious board to allow for cutting of larger volumes without necessarily having to remove chopped pieces every now and then from the surface every now and then. Nevertheless, the chopping boarding should fit well in the sink to ease cleaning.

2) Sharpening tool.

A sharper knife is mostly easy to use and relatively safer. However, new knives easily lose their edges with continued and become blunt, dull and harder to cut with. For this, a sharpening tool is a critical component and be incorporated in knife's purchase order to ensure your remains sharp and safe to use. Knife sharpening tools can either made using steel material or ceramic materials as is with whetstones sharpeners. This variations in the material used creates the difference in efficiency, price variation and lifespan. Fairly priced sharpeners generally last longer and sharpen better.

A Knife block keeps sharp knives away from kitchen users' way for safety.
A Knife block keeps sharp knives away from kitchen users' way for safety. | Source

3) Knife block.

Constant sharpening keeps the knives sharp and therefore risky. Storing them safely is important for safety of kitchen uses. A knife block is then paramount for storing the knives. Additionally, knife blocks protects kitchen blades from being dented when mixed with other kitchen wares. You can choose between wall-mounted magnetic strip blocks, drawer block or ordinary knife blocks.

4) Knife guards.

The fact that knife blades are made of stainless steel, they can easily snap and break into when under pressure. The guards therefore, protect the knife's blade prolonging its lifespan. Guards keep the blades in perfect condition especially if the knives are constantly kept with other equipments that could easily damage the edges of the knife. Washing a knife with blades is safer as is keeping the knives in drawers.

5) Vegetable peeler.

The peeler is commonly used for peeling vegetables' outer skin. The peeler has slotted metal blades attached on an ergonomically designed handle. This makes cutting the peeled foods with the chef's knife faster and much easier. The three blades are well covered for hygienic storage of peeling foods. More so, the peeler has a dishwasher safe to ease cleaning. In absence of a vegetable peeler, a paring knife comes handy for the task. A vegetable peeler may be used on potatoes, carrots and hard fruits like apples that have a harder skin.

6) Kitchen towel.

Chopping boards and other kitchen wares should be cleaned often. A kitchen towel aids in cleaning surfaces and drying knives and other kitchen cutlery. Vinegar and lemon juices to be specific are commonly used to damp kitchen towels before any cleaning can actually be done. The liquids act as sterilizer on the blades and the board keeping the kitchen clean. This prevents infections when cutting foods into pieces.

7) Knife handling gloves.

Afraid of knife cuts? You'll find gloves for handling the knife handy especially at novice stages. They aren't as necessary though once you gain culinary experience. However, a glove can be worn on the hand that handles the knife to ease the effect of friction. The second hand can remain bare for hygiene and better cutting speed.

8) Boning knives.

While chef's knife works great in cutting tubers such as onions, fruits and vegetables, they are less effectual in trimming meat from tenderloins or the breast area in case of slaughtering a bird. Often made of ceramic material, boning knives are extra sharp and seldom require sharpening. Boning knives thus make a great complement in such situations. Other than ceramic knife varieties, there are also the thin, flexible ones made of high carbon stainless steel. For their ergonomic design, they have a good handle grip.

9) Mandoline Slicer.

A tool most important for consistent slicing of foods into thin pieces. Consist of three adjustable blades to allow for different slicing thickness. Still, a mandoline slicer has a safety device especially used for slicing small pieces of produces that the chef's knife wouldn't work on.

A Zester helps in grating Citrus fruits
A Zester helps in grating Citrus fruits | Source

10) Zester equipment.

A chef's knife can't grate fruits such as citrus, lemon and oranges. This makes a zester an indispensable tool in any kitchen. A zester has a perforated top with round holes and sharp end rims. They cut fruits into ribbons producing fruit gratings while separating the peelings from juicy body.


Chef knives are commonly made of steel blades making them susceptible to rust. Mineral oils are frequently applied on the blades to minimize rusting and pitting.

It is advisable to learn the sharpening skills for cutting tool in the kitchen since poor sharpening can affect the grain on the sharp edge. In fact, a progressively poor sharpening shortens the lifespan of your knife greatly.

Bottom Line.

A chef's knife has an array of uses in the kitchen. Whether it is mincing meat, slicing onions or chopping vegetables, chef's knife is an excellent tool. Nevertheless, the knife requires a flurry of other kitchen wares so as to perform exemplary for long. Among many other types of equipment, above are top 10 products which are frequently bought together with chef knives.


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