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Top 10 Things a Space Must Have

Updated on February 22, 2018
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Keep the focus on personal elegance with a decorative must-have list. Pay attention to design elements that bring energy, balance and personality to living spaces. Make your must-have list a group of fun items that have style as a priority.

Good ideas for decorating your home

If you always wanted to know how to decorate well, here’s an opportunity. I’ll cover some of the basics to use as your jump-off point—for an interior overhaul or just to take your rooms up a notch.

Number one: Color

Decide what your theme will be and the colors that will truly reflect what that represents to you. I always say, if money were no object, how would living at home feel like? This should help create a clear picture of your preferences and easily narrow down the colors you want to use.

Number two: Floors, walls & ceilings

Take into consideration floors, walls and ceilings. It’s a good idea to stay neutral with the color tones. You may want to change furniture and accessories from time to time but the floors, walls and ceilings will play a supporting role. And it’s a good way to save money when you don’t have to re-carpet, re-paint or repair drywall for a completed look.

Number three: Doors and windows

Make sure your grand entrance is in good shape. New doors bring freshness to interiors. Update entry doors by replacing them, painting them or installing elegant looking hardware; this enhances a finished look to your room. A simple way to update rooms is with new window treatments. Just choose the type of window treatment you prefer—whether it’s mini-blinds, vertical blinds, drapery or decorative shades. This is where you can add color and pattern to your decor.

Number four: Lighting

Changing your lighting source is easier than ever. Many home improvement stores now offer a variety of affordable lamps, pendants or flush-mounted lighting fixtures. The key is to select lighting that fits well with the look of the room and as well as the purpose. You may want accent lighting, lighting that covers the entire room or if you’re happy with your current lighting; install dimmers to control the level of brightness.

Number five: Fabrics, textures, and pattern

If you want to change the look of upholstery without buying new furniture, add accent pillows in contrasting colors. Pillows add softness to sofas and chairs. A good place to find some great-looking pillows is your favorite department store or you can have some custom-made by choosing some fabric and have some pillow forms professionally covered.

Number six: Furniture and accessories

You can use your existing furniture, add more accent furniture such as tables or chairs or may want to go out and buy a whole new set of furniture. Any of these choices is according to your budget. Installing new furniture is an automatic update to your room and a good way to tie-in the colors you use throughout the room. When shopping for accessories, you can simply add something green (live plants or silk), colorful vases, accent rugs, or beautiful objects of art to sit on your tabletops or on shelves.

Number seven: Art work

Do something decorative to your walls. There are framed poster-art, contemporary paintings or wall mirrors that will complement your decorating schemes. This is another way to add color and a decorative touch to your home.

Number eight: Personalize

Personalize the look in the room by displaying collectibles, family photos or bringing in fresh flowers. Express your creativity in every area of your room. You will enjoy looking at your keepsakes and personal treasures every day. Just make sure as you add your special items you avoid a cluttered look.

Number nine: Surfaces, seating and room flow

You want to have tables near seating. The layout of the furniture should be visually balanced. One good thing to keep in mind is conversational groupings. Also, keep enough space so that traffic flows easily around furniture.

Number ten: Decor Touches

Add special decorative touches to your decor. These details make a room beautiful; full of life and makes rooms feel like home. This can be accomplished by choosing metal finishes such as chrome, metal, wood tones, or glass. Use color throughout the room to increase intensity and drama. Find creative ways to play up or enhance architectural features such as archways, columns, or tall ceilings. So start that decorating project today and make your home look and feel better with the ten must haves.

What is Your Success with the Top 10 Must-haves?

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    • suziecat7 profile image


      9 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Great advice, EA - My house needs a makeover soon. Nice Hub.


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