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Top 10 Tubs to Add When Remodeling your Bathroom

Updated on May 25, 2011

If there was one room in the house that I could re-do with total luxury it would be the bathroom. I don’t need an expensive toilet that warms and dries me or anything crazy like that. But I would love to have a really luxurious tub and shower that creates a spa-like feeling in the bathroom. Ideally, I would want these to be separate – a single stall glass-door shower with two high-pressure showerheads and a separate soaking tub.

As I’m daydreaming about this magical bathroom, I’m thinking about what type of tub I’d love to add to the space. There are so many different options to choose from! Here are ten of the types of tubs that I think would be most amazing to add to a bathroom that was being remodeled into spa-like heaven.

1. Retro-style clawfoot tub in red or pink. I think that the vintage clawfoot soaking tub is a terrific option for many homes. It usually comes in white, of course, but I love the ones that I’ve seen in red or pink. This really makes a statement! The apartments that I’ve lived in so far in San Francisco are in buildings that were once old large homes and have now been cut up into apartments, so they have the type of great ambience that would be suitable for a vintage tub like this.

2. Round wooden soaking tub. I have seen a lot of tubs popping up on design blogs lately that are wooden. There are a few different styles but the ones that have really caught my eye are the large round or oval-shaped wooden tubs. Some of these are designed to look like buckets. It’s a really unique design that has a rustic feel. I can’t imagine this working in my urban space but think it would be really cool in a country home!

3. Square wooden tub with lid. A type of wooden tub that I do think would work in an urban or suburban space is the square wooden tub that has a removable or retractable wooden lid. This is designed to be like a Jacuzzi and is often an outdoor tub but I’ve seen it used as an indoor tub design as well. I like this style, especially with the whirlpool jets added to it! I prefer a really dark wood or a redwood personally. What do you think?

4. Concrete tub. I don’t know if I could pull off the edgy modern design of a concrete tub in my own home but I really like this option because it’s so unique. It is solid. It makes a statement. It is usually a deep tub that is great for soaking. I’ve usually seen it unfinished in color (meaning it’s still grey) and that’s the way I like it best but I’ve also seen white concrete, black concrete and colored concrete tubs, too.

5. Wrought iron bathtub. I have seen several bathtubs that sit inside of a wrought iron casing. The tub itself is made from standard material and is usually white. This contrasts nicely against the dark wrought iron. Floral designs and curlicues give a lovely feminine touch to the design of these tubs.

6. Glass bathtub. It is common to see showers with glass doors. It is not nearly as common to see glass tubs. They do exist, however, and they are totally stunning. Of course, this isn’t the kind of tub that you can hide in under the bubbles while someone else is in the room but how often do most of us really do that anyway?

7. Leather bathtub. Perhaps the most unique material that I’ve seen when looking at great unique bathtubs is leather. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to bathe in a leather bathtub. It seems like it would be an odd experience but the cushioning might be comfy. I’d be more likely to add a modern bathtub to my bathroom and enhance it with leather headrests, something I’ve also seen in bathtub design. Or I might be willing to get a tub that’s leather on the outside and ceramic or porcelain on the inside, similar to this suitcase-shaped bathtub that made its way around the web a little while ago. What do you think? Would a leather tub be too much?

8. Alpha from Morphosis. This fancy bathtub (shown on Weburbanist) is a two-person whirlpool tub that has a hood over the top of it that ensconces you in cozy comfort. It also has built-in water therapy and water-massage features. It sounds amazing! And I really like its cool design; I think it would make any bathroom really special in terms of aesthetic appeal.

9. Shoe-shaped Bathtub (pictured above). Okay, so the truth is that I can’t see anyone I know actually being able to incorporate something as flashy as this bathtub but I had to add it because it’s just such a cool and creative design. If I was going to design some sort of fantasy bathroom for a movie set then it would include this tub. I’d add some flirty, fun shower curtains and make a great bathroom for that movie!

10. Bathrub enhanced with Swarovski crystals. This is another over-the-top option for people who aren’t afraid to be really fancy with their home design. Adding Swarovksi crystals to almost anything makes it richer and more sparkly. I couldn’t pull this off in my own bathroom but I know some glamorous people who probably could make it work.

What would your ideal bathroom be like?


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  • profile image

    marilia wilson  6 years ago

    Having a luxurious bathroom is sure to give a wonderful kick-start to your everyday mornings. Bathroom remodeling includes many aspects such as cabinetry faucets and fixtures, lighting, toilets, vanities, showers and bathtubs etc. Get free ideas and instant estimates to remodel your bathroom from top remodeling companies.

  • Scoutruth profile image

    Scoutruth 6 years ago

    I think every woman in the deep recesses of her mind lazily dreams of a bathtub she can 'drown' her worries in. As for styles, I think I would have to agree with you on the round wood; splinters can 'dampen' spirits. Good Read!

  • Online Money 101 profile image

    Online Money 101 6 years ago

    I can't say I've ever thought about the different varieties of tubs, except maybe the claw tub, but there are some interesting options.

    The hub links to an article that has two tubs which (to me) look really interesting (if you wanted a fancy less-than-usual tub, they are:

    the one whith the built-in tub and this one (the sunken one)

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Tasteful choice and informative hub.

  • amybradley77 profile image

    amybradley77 6 years ago

    Voted up and useful! I want to get that shoe tub for my sister it would suit her perfectly. I have always loved those vintage tubs, just something about them says taking a bath in our history in a romantic way, a walk into the past sort of. Adore this page, inspirational!! A.B.

  • profile image

    sea55star 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

    We are planning a redesign for our bathroom. My husband is looking at one of those ordinary shower/tub with the plexiglass sliding doors YUK. I'm thinking more of a beautiful, candles-on-the-edge soaking tub. How can we come to an agreement? Is there a middle ground here?

  • stey_true profile image

    stey_true 6 years ago from Maine

    I completely agree with you! The bathroom would be the first thing I would remodel too. I love claw foot tubs, and I hope someday to have one. Being able to relax in a tub where the water actually rises above your shoulders would be amazing! I currently live in an apartment and have the standard tub that is connected to the shower, and I hate it! There is no way for me to take a bath and relax. I would be better off buying a plastic storage bin big enough for me to fit in and place it in my living room. Haha! Anyway, I love the Hub!

  • vydyulashashi profile image

    vydyulashashi 6 years ago from Hyderabad,India

    Wonderful and beautiful hub.


    God Bless You

  • Darlene Sabella profile image

    Darlene Sabella 6 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

    Oh, I am so upset, I want that shoe bathtub right now, and I am soooooo poor....that grabed hold of me and now my dreams are clear, I have been buying really cut items for the bathroom, things I can afford. However this tub is soooooooooooo cool, awesome, fab and I want it ...rate up great hub love & peace darski