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Top 10 Ways To Clean House On The Go

Updated on September 29, 2015

We are all short on time. The last thing we have time for is housekeeping. If you are seeking a solution to keeping your housework caught up, you are not alone. The truth is waiting to clean house til you have time is not a very successful way to maintain your home. Here is a list of 10 simple ways to maintain your home in less than 10 minutes each day.

.Leave multi-purpose cleaner in bathroom on the side of tube or vanity of sink:

Do not put away all your your cleaning supplies. If you do not have babies or very small children at home, put out the cleaning supplies where they will be handy and right at your fingertips. I save much time on my housecleaning by doing this one simple thing. I use all natural cleaning supplies for performance as well as for health, safety and our environment. After getting up in the morning you will shower and then spend some time at the sink area. When a good multi-purpose cleaning is at hand, merely spay and wipe up after yourself. This does not have to be a big time consuming ordeal. It takes a matter of less than 60 seconds to wipe over the sink and vanity. Wiping down the shower of tube takes seconds as well. Each person in the house should be responsible for doing this each day. If you are the only one that cleans your home and there is no changing this, you will still be able to keep you home clean and shinning with this method as well. I do this myself as I am the only one in my home that cleans. (I do work full-time as well)

Make use a laundry basket to collect all items that are not in their proper place.

Clutter is a huge challenge when it comes to the appearance of your home. It can take hours to pick up clutter if you do not stay on top of the situation. Nothing will make your home look like a “pig stye” as fast as clutter. There is a simple and fast solution to this common problem. Take a simple plastic (light-weight) laundry basket and walk around your house. While doing this pick up all (out of place items), placing them in your basket. Remember if this is done at least once a day, the routine will take no more than 5 minutes this including delivering the object to their proper place. This method will not only keep clutter under control, but save you many steps if you have a multiple level home.

Use high quality microfiber rags:

I am a professional housekeeper and own a cleaning business. Do you love that shine? I do, a secret that many professionals use to put that amazing shine on your bathroom fixtures as well as appliances is simply to use good quality microfiber rags. Sounds simple? The truth is it is very simple and works like a charm! Microfiber rags will make your cleanup much faster and with superior results. For those daily wipe-down jobs, in the bathroom or kitchen you will see just how very fast you will be able to make your home sparkle and only in a matter of seconds. Tip: do not wet your microfiber rags, simply use your non-toxic cleaning product by spraying it on the area and them wiping.

No more setting dishes in the sink if you have a dishwasher:

This is an area of daily cleaning that is a no-brainier. How many of us have a dishwasher

yet those in the house simply do not put their dishes in the in the washer? However they drop it off in the sink instead. It take much more time to load a pile of dishes in the washer than to just do a quick rinse and drop in the washer as you go. I have found that being sure to empty clean dishes out of the washer and put them up every evening works great for me as well as those I worked for. This way you have the entire day to put dishes in the dishwasher as they are used. Every one has different schedules so what works for one person or family may not work for the next. The idea is to have the washer ready for dirty dishes to be placed in as much as possible.

Make use of a sponge for hand-washing dishes:

If you hand wash your dishesuse as sponge instead of filling your sink with

water and dish-soap. By using a sponge with a small dab of soap you will be able to apply the solution directly on your dishes one at a time. This makes your dishes sparkling clean and it is very easy to keep your sink free of piled up dishes. I have adapted this style of dish-washing from those I have worked for from India.

Wash as you cook:

My grandmother taught me this time saving secret. Who really wants to wash a pile of cook ware and utensils as well as dishes after they have cooked a meal? Well, I must say I don't! Some how it makes the load of dishes seem much less by just washing pots, pans, and utensils as you cook. Even with a dishwasher most of the time it is best to hand wash pots and pans.

Clean spills when they happen:

For some reason it seems to hard for many people to just run a cloth or paper towel or two across a spill. Instead it is just left where if falls. Spills that run down the cabinets, across the counter tops or on the floors will set and harden if they are not taken care of as they happen. It takes only a few seconds to go ahead and give it a wipe down. This will save much time over clean several old spills at a later date.

Use glass cleaner wipes for quick cleaning of microwave:

Microwaves can be become a disaster very quickly. Microwaves are possibly most used appliance in the kitchen. Food splashes and sticks to the inside of the units on the sides, top, and bottom. Keep glass cleaner wipes or a spray bottle of vinegar close by. A quick wipe up will save much time as to waiting for a later date. Your microwave will always be clean when you get the entire family to follow your lead.

Easy baseboard wipe downs:

If you leave all the baseboards in your home not maintained til spring cleaning the job can seem endless. I simply wipe my baseboards in the baths and kitchen when I am cleaning the fixtures or mopping. The spin mop makes cleaning baseboards simple. With a spin mop, you can easily hold it on its side and run it across the baseboards. The mop can be used in every room of your home not just the wet areas. If you do not have a spin mop you can catch up on baseboards one room at a time as you are dusting. It takes mere seconds to wipe a baseboard down. If I glance down and notice a board that is looking in need of a bit of cleaning, I quickly pick up my microfiber rag and a spray bottle of all purpose cleaner and run it along the board. Takes only a few seconds to do this. Remember you are not doing the entire house at one time.

Everyone on board. Get the whole family involved:

With all this being said, get the entire family on board. With a little practice and a bit of reminding of the process to each family member, you should be able to experience a clean and picked- up house at all times.


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