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Top 15 Reasons to Prepare Slow Cooker Meals

Updated on March 28, 2011

Are you wondering if you should start cooking with a slow cooker? While you might think that slow cookers aren’t “hip” and “with the times”, you’ll likely change your mind about this powerful kitchen small appliance once you start using one on a regular basis.

Whether or not you think a slow cooker is a "cool" appliance depends on what you consider cool. Is it the latest gadget? No. However, if you think it would be cool to save time and money and to prepare tasty meals with minimal effort, you’re sure to decide that your slow cooker is the “coolest” tool in your kitchen in no time at all!

Top 15 Reasons to Use Your Slow Cooker

When you use a slow cooker, some of the many benefits you will enjoy include:

  1. Enjoy the stress-reducing benefits of knowing that you have a tasty meal waiting for you at the end of the day
  2. Walk into your house to the aroma of a home cooked meal when you’ve been away for several hours
  3. Savor perfectly cooked meals without having to spend time and energy stirring, adjusting temperatures or otherwise fussing
  4. Turn inexpensive cuts of meats into gourmet delights sure to please the whole family
  5. Build simple-to-prepare yet tasty meals around whatever types of meats, vegetables and grains are on sale using slow cooker recipes
  6. Eliminate the need to run by fast food restaurants or delis to pick up expensive, calorie-laden meals because you’re too tired to cook
  7. Make tasty meals with only a few basic ingredients; many simple slow cooker recipes require only some type of meat and liquid, paired with your favorite seasonings
  8. Enjoy more time to visit with your family or participate in your favorite hobbies and activities when you leave the cooking to your slow cooker
  9. Save energy by using a low wattage slow cooker rather than your oven or stove
  10. Prepare large quantities of make-ahead and freezer meals with minimal trouble
  11. Easy after-dinner clean-up
  12. Easy transport of prepared meals to potlucks, parties and other events
  13. Keep food warm during family dinners, parties and other gatherings
  14. Master the art of one-container cooking with slow cooker recipes
  15. Access to a wide variety of slow cooker recipes online as well as from cookbooks that you can purchase or check out from your local library

Develop a Slow Cooker Habit

Once you start experimenting with your slow cooker, you’re likely to find yourself putting it to work several times each week. After all, cooking with this popular small appliance is one of the best ways to simplify meal planning and preparation while allowing you to save time and money in the kitchen! What could be better?


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