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Top 3 Benefits of a Hammock

Updated on May 25, 2014

Enjoy Life

We are never too young to enjoy life.
We are never too young to enjoy life.

What is a Hammock?

The traditional general definition of a hammock is: a bed made of canvas, rope mesh, or netting, and is suspended at two ends with rope.Traditionally one a hammock was strung between two hardwood trees. Currently we are not sure exactly when the first one was made, however we do know that over 1000 years ago the Mayan Civilization made hammocks from the bark of Hamak Trees; Thus the name hammock came about. About 160 years ago the introduction of cotton fabric led to the evolution of today’s modern hammocks with stands.Modern hammock's are no longer a backyard snooze tool. With the introduction of stands, hammocks became portable and able to use anywhere. More and more they can be found indoor and the traditional nap is falling away to multiple of uses. Although baby hammocks have been around for over 800 years they are increasing in sales each year, and early studies have shown them to have several benefits, including encouraging back sleeping which is shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

How To Properly Exit a Hammock

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How Can Hammock's Help You.

With the busy lifestyle that most of us are living today, any new product that comes on to the market claiming to help with stress, weight loss, or overall mental health, is eagerly tried. Sometimes the simplicity of an old product with a new use and modern upgrade is the best solution.Studies have show that sleep disorder can lead to stress and weight gain, which in turn, can lead to metal health issues. It can be shown that by introducing a hammock into your family life overall health can be much better.

Stress Reliever

Today’s hammock is designed for comfort and a hammock with stand is designed for everyone to have the access to complete and total relaxation. All hammocks have the basic design of lying and swinging while suspended. The suspension allows for no pressure points to be imposed while you are sleeping. Most sleep studies show that if your mattress is impacting the pressure points in your body, it will cause problems with your sleep patterns. The suspension of a hammock eliminates this pressure. Studies also show a quick power nap is very beneficial to reducing stress levels and increasing productivity; all of which can be achieved by using a hammock.

Importance of Power Nap

Weight Loss

Studies show that 70% of Americans are sleep deprived and artificial stimulants are part of all our lives. Coffee houses have been one of the fastest growing service businesses over the last several years. Weight gain is a by product of sleep deprivation. A hammock with stand allows for the stress free comfort to be incorporated into your home design. Spending an hour before bed winding down in a hammock, either alone or with your family will enhance your sleeping routine, resulting in better sleep and helping with your over all weight gain. If a quick power nap can be achieved in mid day, the energy needed 2:00 pm candy machine boost will also diminish. A twenty minute power nap can increase productivity and get you through the afternoon,

Childrens Hammock with Stand

The other design function of a hammock is to provide a gentle swinging motion. One of the tricks many of us have used to help with a fussy baby is to strap them in and go for a ride in the car. The rocking motion of the car helps to calm the babies. Infant chairs are available that also provide a rocking motion, to help soothe children. A hammock with stand can also be added to the list of what to do for upset babies. Lying with your infant in a swinging hammock provides the natural calming motion that comforts all children. Hammock swinging chairs have been shown to be a great tool for parents of children with development disorders, again the soothing of the swing and the comfort of the swaddle effect help to provide the calm atmosphere. Having the portability of the hammock with stand allows for adaptability throughout your life.

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Indoor/Outdoor Hammock with Stand

With the modernization of a product design centuries old the relaxation of lying in a hammock can be added to any daily life. The hammock with stand allows for the traditionally outside furniture to be brought inside. The fabrics available today can be used indoor and/or outdoor. A person no longer has to wait for spring or summer to enjoy a lazy nap in the afternoon. Children can enjoy the comfort of a gentle swing while winding down from their day any time of year. There are a couple of habits that are good for the soul, and spending fifteen minutes to half an hour in a hammock with your children reading a book or watching their favorite show could be one of them. Having a snuggle with your favorite animal brings a great sense of comfort. A cuddle with that someone special can take all the days stress away. All of the above activities will and can help with the overall mental health of all of us. Sometimes a look to the past can provide the best solutions for our future.

© 2014 Pamela Stanford


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