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Top 3 Ways to Obtain Clean Germ-Free Drinking Water

Updated on March 5, 2013

Is your drinking water safe to drink?

Water is our driving force. It is extremely vital that the water we use is pure and safe to drink. Naturally obtained water, or tap water is not always very clean. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the cleanliness and purity of water. The following three steps will help you consume very safe water and be healthy:

1. Use bottled water

Using bottled water is definitely the quickest as well as easiest way to make sure that the water you are drinking is clean. Bottled water does not cost much, and it is available everywhere. However, if you always use bottled water, it may prove to be a bit costly. Bottled water is best when you are outside and do not have access to clean water. At the time of travel, or other similar situations, bottled water proves to be a lifesaver. Depending on your needs, you may use bottled water regularly, or occasionally. Regular use of bottled water, however, is not really necessary.

2. Filter water using a good purifier

Water purifiers are very good for obtaining healthy water. Not all purifiers are totally great, but there are some which are excellent. Usually, the best water purifiers are the expensive ones. Electric water purifiers are not only more advanced than general water purifiers but are also better. Water purifiers that use ultra-violet rays to purify water are fabulous. In the market, you are sure to get a lot of different purifiers with plenty of different cleaning mechanisms. Make sure to research well before settling for a purifier, after all, your health is at stake.

3. Drink boiled water

If you do not have access to a purifier, you can simply boil water and drink it. Boiled water is germ-free and is totally safe to drink. Apart from tiny increase of electricity bill, there is no real cost involved in this process. This simple method is very much effective as far as cleaning water is concerned. You can also purify boiled water, or boil purified water if you want to maximize the cleaning and safety. When you boil water, all the germs are killed due to the high amount of heat, and that is the reason why you get completely safe water to drink. Boiled water may not be always smell-fee or look very clean, but is usually safe to consume.

The above three steps are three common as well as easy steps to obtain clean drinking water. There are other methods too, but are not as simple as the above ones.

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