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Top 8 Garden Wagons!

Updated on October 28, 2014
Gardening with the help of an older wagon.
Gardening with the help of an older wagon.

If You Garden You Need A Good Wagon or Cart!

Whether you are into gardening or just need to do some yard work you will need something to haul various materials around. Choosing the best hauler depends on your needs. You should always consider the size of your task. When purchasing a garden wagon, bigger is not always better. When deciding on the best wagon you should consider a few things.

The best garden wagons have a solid sturdy frame. Metal is your best option and then you might consider wood. Plastic frames will get brittle and break easily. They do not hold up to weather or the wear and tear of heavy hauling. Although a very good plastic substitute would be a poly material that is sturdy and weather resistant. Wheels are another consideration. This is what carriers the weight of your loads.

The wheel should be strong and be able to roll smoothly over a variety of ground covers and conditions. Finally you should consider whether or not the sides should be folding. Some models come with sides that fold down so your wagon can be used as a flatbed cart.

Here are some of the top rated garden wagons available.

Gorilla Carts:

The Gorilla Cart is made of a maintenance free poly material. It has a self-dumping mechanism that is easy to use. This cart has four 10” pneumatic tires that will roll smoothly over most terrains. The wagon bed dimensions are 8.25”tall, 36” long, and 20” high. Weighing 39lbs this wagon has a load capacity of 600lbs. It comes in black and costs about $70.00

Ace Garden & Farm Utility Cart:

The Ace wagon has a 900lb load capacity. It has foam rubber grips, steel wheels and pneumatic tires. Collapsible sides, tray, and tow behind bracket are included with this wagon. It has a dual hauling system so it can be hauled by hand or by tractor. The wagon dimensions are 48” x 24” x 27”. This wagon will cost you about $165.00.

Ursa Garden Wagon:

The Ursa Garden wagon has a load capacity of 500 lbs. The bed of the wagon is made of a heavy duty durable plastic which is a UV polymer and tolerates most weather conditions. It has four 16” pneumatic wheels that allow it to roll smoothly over most terrains. With a high 14” ground clearance it can be used in almost any area. The Ursa measures 49.5”L x 25”W x 31.1” H. A great feature is that the front wheel axis rotates 270 degrees with a dump angle of more than 90 degrees. Having a full 2 year warranty, the Ursa Garden Wagon costs $380.00.

Jumbo Industrial Garden Wagon:

This wagon has fold down sides and can be used as a flatbed for bigger loads. The Jumbo Industrial wagon is made of a powder-coated Mesh metal to prevent it from rusting. Weight capacity is at 1,000 lbs. It has four 13” pneumatic wheels for easy steering. It has an anti-tipping mechanism as well. The wagon measures 24”W x 48”L and costs about $330.00.

Mighty Max Double Decker Garden Cart:

The Mighty Max can be used as a flatbed cart without its end walls. It has easy rolling load bearing wheels with a load capacity of 600 lbs. With a 32” handle, the wagon measures 37”L x 19”W. The 6” tilting tub is on top and it has four 8” X 4” rubber grip wheels. The Mighty Max has a plastic tub that measures 30”L x 19”W x 25”H. This wagon sells for $200.00.

Folding Wagon:

This wagon folds down completely for easy storage. It has a strong powder coat finish frame. With an easy to clean 600 Denier polyester fabric tub, it is easy to clean and suitable for light garden work. The bed has drain holes and has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. The wagon measures 24”W x 21”H with 10” plastic wheels. This wagon sells for $100.

Step 2 Garden Hopper:

The Garden Hopper has a poly bed and 7” poly wheels. It has a built in handle and lower shelf inside the bed. This wagon is rust proof and has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The Hopper doubles as a stool with a hinged top. The wagon measures 13”H x 23”W x 13”D. This unit sells for $30.00.

Easy Up ATV Lawn Cart and Garden Seat:

This wagon is an oversized garden seat. Under the lid it has a large compartment for storage. The Easy Up has a built in handle that doubles as a back rest and never flat 10” plastic tires. The bin or tub is made of a heavy duty fabric. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs it has a storage capacity of 1.5 cu ft. The total wagon measurements are 29”H x 15”D x 23”W. It weighs 16 lbs and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against defect. The wagon sells for $70.00.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 3 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Talking about carts that dump, that must have been the kind we had because every time I rode in it with my Dad pulling, out I would go!

      Mom: "Out riding with Dad I see. Come here and let me wash you up."

      These probably wouldn't have helped protect me, no air bags or seatbelts.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      These carts are all very handy. I have an Ace garden cart. Use it all the time.

    • Marina7 profile image

      Marina 3 years ago from Clarksville TN

      Those are great carts.