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Top 5 Gardens of India

Updated on August 23, 2017

Traveling in India is fun filled journey where one gets to witness the majestic beauty of Mother Nature, relive the old times, enjoy the spectacular monuments built long years back, and sink in the rich practices of the country. One of the beautiful things to witness in India is the stupendous gardens widespread throughout the country.

The most captivating gardens of the country are spread along the lengths and breadths of India. While the grandeur of the Shalimar Gardens can be seen in the extreme North, the enthralling Brindavan Gardens brings tourists to the south. The Lloyd Botanical gardens located in the mesmerizing Darjeeling Hill Station appeals to a lot of tourists and nature lovers alike. These spectacular gardens owe their splendor to the Kings of the country. Gardens in and around Delhi were nourished by the Mughals while the Shalimar Gardens were patronized by King Hari Singh. In this article, we have listed the Top 5 gardens of the country without which the India Tour is incomplete.

Shalimar Garden

Kashmir is often described as Heaven on earth, and the bewildering Shalimar Garden shines brightly in the city of Srinagar. It is a garden filled with the unparallel beauty of the enchanting ‘Gulmohar’ Trees. The wide varieties of Roses of different and vibrant colors are truly mesmerizing. While one is traveling around Kashmir, missing out on the Shalimar Gardens is a mistake.

Brindavan Garden

At the southern tip of the country in Karnataka lies the Brindavan Gardens. It is located in the Mysore City and the enthralling beauty of the Garden is highly admirable. The pattern and setting of the Brindavan Gardens seem to be inspired by the Shalimar Gardens, but it basks in its own glory. The trees and the flowers one can see in here are truly beautiful. The Brindavan Gardens also hosts a Light and Sound Show which is quite popular among the tourists.

Pinjore Gardens

Formerly known as the Yadavindra Gardens, situated in Chandigarh, the Pinjore Gardens is one of the most famous sights to visit in Chandigarh. Spreading over an area of 100 acres, this beautiful creation of Nawab Fadai Khan is quite an enchanting place to be in. The large area hosts a mini zoo, a picnic spot, nurseries, and a few historic palaces. The fountains in here are totally amazing and structures like the Sheesh Mahal, Jal Mahal, and Rang Mahal looks fascinating. The walkways lined with shady huge trees and stretches of lush green grass adds an extra charm and elegance to this marvelous place.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

Located in one of the most prominent cities of India, the Lal Bagh Gardens in Bangalore is certainly an important inclusion in this list. Tipu Sultan after getting the inspiration from his father Hyder Ali built this outstanding structure. The setting of the garden, the wide variety of flowers, the total architecture, and even the places for relaxing are so beautiful that one will wish to visit this garden over and over again. The Glass House in here is the most primary attraction adding a touch of extra elegance to this famed Garden of India.

Rock Gardens

This is one of a kind Garden in Chandigarh that catches a lot of attention. The plants and flowers in here look amazing and it is one of the best sculpture gardens of the country. The theme is based on ‘Best Out of the Waste’ and every single corner of the garden is filled with something astounding.

If you belong from a different country, your tour in India will bewilder you in every aspect. A country of rich culture and heritage, traditions from the ancient times, warm and welcoming people, amazing and outstanding locations, widespread destinations from beaches to hill stations, a journey to this country is fancied by travelers of all kinds.

Visiting the Gardens in India is a treat that most people are unaware of. Don't you just love strolling in the lush greenery? The delicate flower petals and the amazing hues that captivate your souls! So, obtain calmness by walking through the most beautiful gardens of the country.


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