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Top 5 Great She Shed Design Ideas

Updated on March 26, 2017

What is a She Shed

The concept of a she shed is just as it sounds, a shed or other secondary building on your property that is designed and decorated to meet the needs or desires of the "she" in the family. The definition of a shed is very broad and can be any structure that will serve the purpose of the she shed design and can be for a project, privacy, activity or socializing.

Included in this article are the top 5 design concepts for she sheds to give you some inspiration. These designs do not include more family shed designs such as separate family theater or game room but really designed with the "she" in mind.

Art Studio or Craft Space

The idea of a separate and private space to engage in art or other craft activities is a hugely appealing design concept for many people. A she shed deisgn can accomplish this beautifully by allowing the art needs or craft space that is perfect by creating a great work space, the perfect lighting and the tone of the décor to inspire your best work.

The ability to be able to leave a project partially done without the need to pack everything away is another great advantage of a she shed. A shared space in the house often means that a lot of time is spent getting out and putting away art or craft materials and the constant interruption of being in that shared space.

Bring out your inner artist or take your art or craft to a new level by creating a great space you can work in whenever you need to get things done. The photos should give you a little inspiration!

Gardening and Planting She Shed

A greenhouse was the original she shed idea and has been around for generations but take this concept to a personalized level and create a perfect space to plant or repot your flowers and plants. Channel that green thumb into a design that gives you everything you need to enjoy your gardening and maybe even a spot to sit and enjoy your hard work as well.

When thinking about this design concept remember you are not limited by a greenhouse exactly you can use any space that will meet your individual tastes and needs and just have fun! These photos might get you going.

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Reading Shed or Writing Space

Whether you want to read a great book or write the next best seller you need a quiet and comfortable spot and a she shed filled with comfortable places to sit or a desk to keep you focused can be the perfect answer.

Find your private heaven and read away or really get down to work on that book and then start the next. This she shed design can be the perfect get away without leaving home.

What a great space!

Yoga or Meditation

A she shed is an amazing way to create the perfect personal yoga studio or meditation space. You can create an indoor/outdoor space and have the relaxing quiet you need to really get the most from your yoga or meditation.

Having a space that is always ready for you is such a great way to make sure you stay connected and consistent with your yoga or meditation. You could even give yourself enough space to invite a friend or two as well if you wanted, or maybe make it your own private training studio and generate a little extra money as well.

Party Space

Sometimes you just want to have a few friends over and have a little fun and a party inspired she shed can be a great escape to enjoy your company. This is the opposite of the peace or work space of the other designs and is much more about having fun so let your imagination go and see what you can create. The really wonderful part about a she shed is that it is small enough that you can go a little crazy with design ideas without busting your budget. The party she shed can be the embodiment of your favorite theme or vacation destination. You could go tropical, European, fantasy world, under the sea or just about anything you can think of so long as it speaks to you.

As you can see a she shed is anything you want it to be! Let your imagination wander and create your own personal space to enjoy a little "me time" or share it with your friends and family and have a ton of fun!

The smaller square footage of a she shed is a great way to enjoy some of those higher end finishes and touches that wouldn't work in the house but you can in the smaller space. Be sure to check out the flooring and stone sections of the hardware store for broken cases and scratch and dent that you can get for a great price since you won't need a lot of material.

There is no wrong way to design your she shed just make it your own!


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