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Top 5 Things You Need In Your Kitchen

Updated on March 28, 2014

How To Sharpen A Knife

Top 5 Things You Need In Your Kitchen

If you are just now starting out cooking or wondering what you really need to use in your home kitchen here are some of our suggestions about the really needed things every kitchen needs.

1. A large stock pot with a tight fitting lid. Don't scrimp on price. You want a heavy duty pot with a non stick interior surface so when you use your pot you will have less chance for what you are cooking to stick and burn.

2. You will want a good heavy duty chopping board and it should not be made of wood as wood will crack and germs can hide in cracks. The wooden cutting boards are pretty to look at but you want one made of heavy duty plastic or other material that will not crack and it should be large enough to use to chop meat, vegetables, or herbs on.

3. If you are going to be doing a good bit of cooking your going to want a good set of knifes with knifes of various sizes and your going to want a pair of poultry scissors and a sharpening rod to sharpen your knifes included. You may have to make a large investment in your knifes but they should last you a life time if you take good care of them.

4. You will want a food processor and here again I would invest in a really good heavy duty one with all the attachments. You are going to be using it for quite a lot of things so be sure to find one you like and one that is heavy duty enough to last for a few years. The food processor is going to be a big part of your kitchen activities so keep that in mind.

5. You are going to want a really good set of pots and pans and you want heavy duty pots and pans and you want your saute pans to have metal handles not wood so that you can place your saute pans in the oven when necessary.

Some other necessary things you are going to need for a kitchen where a lot of cooking is going to go on is a couple of sizes of good metal colanders, various cake and muffin pans, several large roasting pans, a collection of large cook spoons and a rack to hang them on. And as you cook more and more your going to want to add other things. Cooking can be a lot of fun and you need the necessary gadgets and appliances to do it well.

Food Processors Make Your Life So Much Easier

Once you purchase and start using a food processor you'll wonder how in the world you ever did anything with out one. They make your life so much easier.
Once you purchase and start using a food processor you'll wonder how in the world you ever did anything with out one. They make your life so much easier. | Source

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The Top 25 Greatest Cooking Tips Of All Time

1. Its all about the prep. Make your life easier by doing the prep work for cooking a meal the day before. Purchase a good supply of plastic containers with lids so you can do prep work ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator or freezer to use when your ready to make that particular meal.

2. Keep in mind that the smaller the baking item the higher the temperature of the oven should be. Just remember to stand close to the oven when baking items at a higher temperature and have mitts or kitchen towels ready to lift a hot pan out of the oven.

3. Don't store your spices above the stove as heat rises and it will dry out your spices. You'll want to store your spices in a cool dark place.

4. Use a course grater to shave vegetables into a salad. Here's a great hint for you. You can make a wonderful orange fennel vinaigrette by grating fennel and orange zest into a simple oil and vinegar vinaigrette.

5. Always make your stock in a large amount. You have two choices for storage here. Let the stock cool to room temperature and pour it into zip lock freezer bags that you have dated and labeled with a permanent marker or you can use old ice trays and freeze the stock in ice cubes and then pour the ice cubes of say chicken stock out into a freezer bag and date and label it. You can take out the amount of ice cubes you'll need and quickly have a great pot of homemade cream of chicken soup going. Remember to spray the ice cube trays with a vegetable coating spray before you fill them with stock.

6. You should get into the practice of cooking your pasta one minute less than called for on the package. It will continue to cook in the sauce.

7. You don't have to boil the lasagna noodles before you put the lasagna together. Just be sure to wrap the pan firmly with aluminum foil and the steam in the sauce will cook the lasagna noodles perfectly.

8. After making sunny side up eggs deglaze the pan with sherry vinegar and drizzle the sherry sauce over the eggs for a quick tasty treat that people will love.

9. Learn the proper way to brine poultry if you want to end up with really delicious chicken.

10. If you find you need more oil in a pan when your sauteing always add the oil in a small stream at the edge of the pan. By the time the oil reaches the food it will be hot and won't slow down the cooking.

11. When you are deep frying hold each piece of food with long metal tongs as you add the item to the hot oil. Hold the food just below the surface for about 5-7 seconds before you release the food item.

12. If you want rich creamy dressings substitute half the mayonnaise with Greek Yogurt for delicious creamy dressings.

13. Sprinkle your herbs with a little sea salt when your chopping them on a cutting board. It will keep the herbs from flying around while your chopping them.

14. When your making sandwiches be sure that all of your bread on both sides gets covered with the mayonnaise or mustard. A lot of people put it in the middle and that's why part of the sandwich is sometimes dry.

15. Always season your meat or fish evenly with your salt and pepper. I almost always use ground sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Sprinkle it on like its snowing for best results.

16. I almost always set my butter and eggs out the night before and let them come up to room temperature overnight if I'm going to be baking the next day. You'll find that your baked items will turn out much better this way.

17. You can easily make homemade vinaigrette's by adding the ingredients to a quart jar and shaking the items to mix very well. Leave a inch or so of space at the top of the ingredients so they will mix very well.

18. If you have left over Marinara or Alfredo sauce freeze it in a ice cube tray that you have sprayed with vegetable coating spray and you can have a quick meal in a hurry on a busy night. Just add the ice cubes of sauce to a saute pan and heat. Add in your pasta for a wonderful quick meal.

19. When your making a meatloaf or meatballs you really need to know what its going to taste like when done. Just make a small Pattie out of the seasoned meat and fry it and you'll have a ideal of what seasonings you may need to add.

20. Cut thick slices of onion and bake your chicken on the onions instead of on a rack. The onion will absorb the drippings out of the chicken. After the chicken is done you can remove the chicken and make a real flavorful sauce to go on the chicken out of those onions and the drippings.

21. For all the flavor of the corn after you cut the corn off the cob use the back side of the knife to scrape the corn cobs for the corn milk remaining and you'll have a much more flavorful corn. Especially if your making fried corn, corn fritters, or cream corn.

22. Remember that no recipe is written in stone. If you know you or a family member doesn't like a certain ingredient either leave it out or add something else in its place. Trial and error are how all recipes were come up with in the first place.

23. You can cook a slow roasted beef or pork shoulder and have meat for meals for all week. Just be sure to go ahead and do your prep work and slice or chop the meat how you are going to be using it for the meal later in the week.

24. You really should never use oil in the water when your boiling pasta because it is going to keep the sauce from sticking to the pasta.

25. Every kitchen should have at least one or two well seasoned and prepared cast iron pans. You can make the best corn bread in the world in a cast iron pan.

And there you have the top 25 cooking tips of all time. Be sure to watch the videos above and you will learn a whole lot more. I strongly suggest Bookmarking this web page so you can find you way back here easily. Please Share the link to this page with your family, friends, and other sites. Have a nice day and have fun cooking.

© 2009 Thomas Byers

Please feel free to post your comments, tips, hints or questions below now. Let us know what you think.

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    • profile image

      kelly louise nicholson 

      7 years ago

      well i am doing a cooking learning thing and i have wrighting it all down 4 my teacher hope she is love it and thankz for the websuit and thanks for a lot of help on here hope u make more websits bye bye xx

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      9 years ago

      very good


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