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Top 5 Types of Gardens

Updated on June 14, 2012

How is the economy in your area of the country? Are you watching while people all around you have either experienced significant cuts in their work hours or even have lost their jobs due to layoffs or businesses closing? Perhaps, you are one of those people. If either of these situations applies to you, or, if you’re just concerned about the economy and making ends meet as prices for everything seems to be increasing, then maybe I have some information that you can use. I am here today to talk about the top 5 possibilities for having your own garden.

Is this something you have ever previously considered? If you have never been exposed to gardening, the whole idea is likely so foreign to you that you shy away…right? Well, don’t be afraid to step out and give it a try – it’s easier than you think! Let me be perfectly clear that, when I refer to a “garden”, I am NOT talking about a huge undertaking. Gardens can range from several small pots of herbs sitting on your kitchen window sill to a commercial type that covers hundreds of acres. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to keep it relatively simple so we can encourage the “newbies”. Now for the top 5 gardens…

Outdoor Container Gardens

This may be one of the simplest and least expensive ways to begin your gardening career. This top 5 gardening type is just what its name says it is. You literally grow your plants in containers instead of placing them into the ground. This type of garden is great if you live in an apartment or condo and don’t really have a backyard to call your own; or, if you don’t have much outdoor ground space to use; or, if you are renting and your land lord won’t allow you to dig out a space for it. You simply choose your plants and plant them in containers large enough to allow them to flourish. You place the containers on your patio, balcony or somewhere outside and maintain them. You can grow lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, squash of all kinds and various other veggies in the space that you could put a patio table and chairs or less. The containers can be larger flower pots or even small buckets. The potting soil and the plants can be picked up reasonably at your local hardware store, some department stores or even grown from seeds. Once you get the dirt and the plants, all you really need is a bit of Miracle Grow every couple of weeks to keep them nicely fed and plenty of water and sunshine.

Bag Gardens

These are gardens that consist of plants being placed into growing medium that is in a bag. Once you put your plant into the bag, you can place the bag into a pot or on a tray. This bag can be one specially made for this purpose or it can be as simple as laying a bag of potting soil on the grass outside, cutting it open, and planting your seeds or seedlings directly into the soil. This top 5 garden type will help you in the following ways:

· save you the time and effort of digging out the space in the yard for the garden (and the bag laying on the grass will kill it so that there is less work next year if you decide to plant in the ground),

· it will keep the weeds to a minimum as the commercially bagged potting soil has been pasteurized to kill weeds

· it will prevent damage and destruction from cutworms which are commonly found in soils in which lawn grass has been growing

· when your crop is spent, you just gather up the bags and start over or dig the contents into the ground.

You can grow tomatoes, lettuce, onions and potatoes (just to name a few) and many other veggies in this type of garden.

Traditional Ground Garden Tract

This top 5 garden type is the kind that you have probably seen most frequently. This one requires that the grass sod be removed and the ground underneath prepared with soils, fertilizers, minerals and other amendments to provide a medium for your fruits, veggies or flowers to flourish. This is also probably the largest of the top 5 garden types that private individuals or families would likely plant. This type of garden can be dug into your backyard for convenience in tending to it if you have the ground space and the freedom to do this. There really is little that you cannot grow in this type of garden – you are limited only by the space you have and the weather conditions that prevail.

Raised Bed Gardens

This top 5 garden could be just the ticket for those of you who live in a rental property or who relocate frequently. This garden type is simply constructed of a square or rectangular frame, secured together at the corners, into which you place your soil, fertilizers and other amendments. Once the soil is prepared, you place your plants or seeds and maintain them as required until harvest. The fruits and veggies that you can grow in this type of garden are limited by the space required for their growth and the depth at which they need to be planted for the best yield. You can control the depth of your raised bed garden by simply changing the width of the wood used in the framework. The wood can be removed from the framework and it can be transported with the soil when you leave the property.

Indoor Herb Gardens

If you would rather not go to all of the trouble to build and maintain any of the gardens mentioned above, but would really love to have available all of those fresh herbs that you use in your yummy recipes and you’d like to have them as fresh as possible, then an indoor herb garden is most likely your best top 5 garden option. You can plant your special herbs in individual pots or in a long, rectangular one and place it on a window sill or other sunny location inside your home. A little water and fertilizer from time to time and you can have all of the fresh herbs you need to prepare those awesome recipes your friends and families love.

The bottom line to all of this is saving money and living in a healthier way. By growing your own fruits, veggies and herbs, you won’t be held captive by that high priced “Produce Monster” that lurks in the produce department of your favorite grocery store. You can serve your family the freshest and healthiest fruits and veggies and know that you’re doing your best for them. And, you can do all of this in a way that could include the kids in a teaching mode or quality time spent mode to make it even better. So, what top 5 garden type will you try?


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