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Top 5 Cheap But Necessary iPhone Accessories

Updated on November 16, 2017

iPhone accessories act as a booster to the iPhone already powerful features. Some accessories, such as screen protector and the silicone case, are meant to safeguard the iPhone from accidental falls, scratches, and fires. Others enhance the iPhone's main features such as the camera. Yet others are meant to make the iPhone stand out.

But with so many accessories on offer, it's easy to end up buying junk in the name of accessories. For this, here are some 5 iPhone accessories that will fit your all round lifestyle.

1. Smart card credit holder

This accessory does not only help you safeguard your smartphone from risks such as scratches but it also acts as a nice porch for your credit cards.

You don't have to be bogged down by bulky wallets when you can simply used your iPhone's casing as the wallet and hit the road.

2. Portable battery

This is a life saver for people who travel off roads and who may want to have some extra source of power for their mobile phones. The portable battery has a charge capacity of up to 10000mAh meaning you will always have your iPhone fired up no matter your location.

3. Multi-port wall charger.

Many a times are when two or three family members need to charge their gadgets yet there is only one port to charge. It can be a challenging especially if it's their ideal time to do their staff.

A multi-port wall charger comes in handy where you can charge multiple devices at a go.

4. Camera lens kit

Well, today's iPhone's lens set are engineered to offer the best experience an iPhone user can wish for. Modern lens have selfie-ready front and back lens meaning you can even take selfies in your sojourns.

5. A car mount

The last thing you'd want as you drive through city's traffic is to be bending down in search of your ringing iPhone. A car mount enables you to keep your phone where you can easily reach it and even respond to calls or text messsages.

A car mount makes it easy to use your iPhone for GPS navigation if you are travelling in unfamiliar territories.

Here's iPhone armband

Parting shot

While there are many other accessories you could probably buy, the above 5 are an important addition to your iPhone armor. What's your take? Give your views in the comments section below.


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