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Top 6 faucet designs from the future

Updated on January 18, 2017

Yes, it is expensive to have design faucet in your home, but among they could be really helpful. Temperature sensor, hand free control and also beautiful element from the interior design. Check the latest trends in faucets and maybe you will find your favorite.


Ripple Faucet by Smith Newnam

The futuristic faucet is designed by Smith Newnam in collaboration with Touch 360 studio. It is really innovative and modern looking. It is my favorite because it is not only pretty but the effect of hot and cold channels on either side help for the more natural temperature of the water flow. Moving the control ball you could control the flow, change the water’s temperature and respectively the color of the ripple’s surface. The colors show the water’s temperature running through the faucet.


+Shifter Tap by Shen Di

As you changing car’s gear, now you could change and control the water’s flow. The +Shifter Tap is not only for auto fans, but with the same success could find place in some eco-friendly home, because of the flow’s control. And if you are fan of sport cars, this faucet is for you – the design is minimalistic and luxury.


Triflow by Zaha Hadid

First of all this concepts by Zaha Hadid draw the attention with its simple and natural design. The faucets have touch-sensitive button and LED control panel for the filter. Different models are available in chrome, nickel, black nickel and matte gold. Triflow is appropriate for the kitchen and the bathroom. It con match really well with natural motives in the home interior design.


Luna faucet by Graff

If your home is in eastern style, this faucet will be perfect for you. Because of its height of 3 feet and the association with samurai sword, it will be better to be installed in the bathroom. At first it could frighten your guests but after that it will enchant the most demanding of them. It is available in polished chrome and steelnox and stands really stylish, no matter in which version.


Ondus Digitecture Wall Mount by Grohe

Ondus series are more than faucets and showers. They represent the future of the bathroom. This is the next room, after the kitchen where the digital technologies take advantage. These faucets bring stylish comfort in the bathroom. They are part of the digital revolution of the smart home appliances. They have touchpad control that makes them really easy to use.


Karbon faucet by Kohler

Every functional kitchen needs this Karbon faucet. It is very practical because of its mobile parts. You could use it deep in the sink or to fill a bow far from it. And if the sink is full of dirty dishes, it could be placed away. The karbon fibers it is made of, make it really strong and long time standing, and after that allow its easy coloring. So you could find it in the right color that will match to your kitchen. From Kohler have thought about the spray control, too. And this is really eco-friendly. It is a little expensive – more than $925, but I think that it is worth it, because it is made of karbon and practically it could not be broken or corrode. It is practical and safe, what else we can ask for.


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