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Top Best Teepee Nursery or Playroom Options for Toddlers and Young Children

Updated on February 19, 2015

Finding Your Way Here.

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Growing up, I still recall my delicate fascination with all things related to Native Americans. Though filled with its own share of story line inaccuracies, it wasn't soon after my exposure to the Disney movie Pocahontas that I learned that the real-life Pocahontas was actually a distant relative of mine. Inspired by this new found knowledge, my love for Native American traditions and culture only grew with time.

Fast forward a few years, and I've looked for every opportunity to share aspects of Native American culture with my son. Now only just recently turned 2 years old at the time of this writing, I know that his appreciation of these things won't necessarily be the deepest, however, simple exposure, as I've found, can also serve very practical functions.

In this HubPages' hub article, I would like to present you with a few great options for children/toddler nursing or playroom teepees. Interestingly enough, teepees are really becoming quite popular nowadays, especially amongst parents who are searching for a very unique furniture design element to integrate into their toddler's nursery, playroom, or general play area. In my search for the top best child teepees online, I did find a variety of options that really varied in price and presentation.

The teepee we ultimately chose wasn't necessarily the most expensive one, nor was it the least expensive one. In terms of size and dimension, it was really perfect for our spacing requirements. In fact, we found that the teepee we did choose couldn't have fit any more perfectly in the area where we chose to place it. While searching online, I did find the pricing of various children's teepees almost seemed to be directly related to the quality, as reflected in the reviews.

Though I can't necessarily say that we've purchased and used all of these teepees, I did find that pricing ranged from a low of about $20, to a high point of around $200 to $215. Again, for those lower priced teepees, the reviews weren't very good at all--generally hovering around 2 to 3 stars (with exception to a $20 teepee that actually had 4 stars, at the time of this writing).

I mention that teepee later on in this article!

As a registered nurse, who has worked quite a bit with the pediatric population, I do think that one of the reasons why teepees are becoming so common among parents, and equally loved by children, is simply because of the sense of security that they inherently provide. Some children, especially young children, may not necessarily be able to verbalize their personal safety and security needs, but you can bet they certainly exist. Children have an innate, deep-founded, desire to feel love, nurtured, cared for, and protected, and I believe that teepees do that, simply be providing a secure enclosure that surrounds them.

Further, I do believe that they also inspire creativity and imagination!

Read this article to find some great playroom and nursery options for your child/children or toddler.

Orange KidKraft Teepee

Our Choice

You may be familiar with the company KidKraft, as you may have already crossed paths with some of the products that they manufacture and produce. From dollhouse related products, to toys and games, to a variety of children's furniture and d├ęcor options, KidKraft's Amazon reviews (for a variety of different products) reveal that their products generally rank very high among their customers--namely, in the 4 1/2 to 5 star region consistently. As a mom, I really can't speak highly enough about their products, and their teepee in no exception.

For my son's 2 year old birthday, I was looking for an interesting, colorful, piece of furniture to adorn his upstairs reading nook area. With my own fascination with Native American culture and tradition, I was immediately drawn to the idea of integrating a teepee into his area. Though he does have his own nursery, and a playroom downstairs in our home, we did decide to create him a little reading nook that otherwise served as a little workout area for my husband, before we moved his weights and treadmill elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier, I wanted this space to be a simple area where my son could just retreat to, read his books, and feel safe and secure.

Though we did love some of the higher priced alternatives to this teepee, really the main things that attracted us to this particular teepee was the vibrant orange color, combined with customer reviews that reflected what appeared to be testimony of very high quality material. From the sturdy poles to the high quality fabric/material, we certainly weren't disappointed with this choice! Scientific evidence also suggests that children's senses are stimulated by bright vibrant colors, so this teepee was really a no-brainer for us.

Even though we did have limited space to work with, just by virtue of my son's reading nook, we did find that the dimensions were perfect with this teepee. In fact, not only were they exactly what we needed, but they were actually quite a bit higher than other--even much higher priced--teepee options.

  • For example, this teepee's dimensions were: 69.3 x 69.3 x 42.9 inches
  • One of the more expensive teepees ($190+, on Amazon), called the Pacific Play Authentic Teepee Tent--even though it did look very high quality, and reviews reflected such--ithad dimensions that were: 45 x 45 x 56 inches. So, even though it stood higher, it had nearly 24 inches (or 2 feet) less space, in terms of length and width. (Now, this teepee DOES look more spacious in the pictures, leading me to believe that those dimensions MIGHT not actually be accurate....)

Kids Love this Orange KidKraft Teepee!

KidKraft Teepee Poll

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Runner Up!

Though we did not ultimately purchase this teepee option, admittedly, we were very torn.

Coming in at just over double the price of the previous orange KidKraft teepee ($90+ vs. $190+), just by reading customer reviews, you can really get a strong sense of the quality material that this teepee is built with. As mentioned before, the ultimate deciding factor, for us, really ended up being a split between the color and the dimensions. We naturally loved the bright vibrant orange color of the previous teepee, and this one only came in brown/beige. Granted, orange may not be your cup-of-tea, which is completely understandable.

It really just comes down to a matter of taste and preference.

As for the dimensions, I still can't help but think that something is amiss or askew with the dimensions of this one listed on Amazon. The pictures "seem" to present a larger dimension product than what is actually listed. Now that we own the orange one, we have found it to be cozy and spacious enough for a rapidly growing 2 year old boy. Two feet of both length, and width, seemed like an awfully large sacrifice in dimensions to make.

UPDATE: On Amazon, I did find what appears to be a very similar--if not the same--cowboy print option created by Pacific Play Tents. Based on pictures alone, it "appears" to be the exact same teepee (at least, the dimensions are the same). This one, however, is currently (at the time of this writing), listed as $119 -- nearly a $70 difference from the brown/beige option. It could very well be possible that that price difference is simply due to the cowboy print "possibly" not being as popular.

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Top Best Least Expensive Teepee Option?

Though we ultimately didn't purchase this one, I must say that its reviews, couple with its price, really caught my attention. Coming in at nearly $50-$70 less than its closest competition (at least, according to Amazon), this could very well be the top best least expensive teepee option on the market today.

If you are looking to get a teepee, but are hoping to not spend a significant amount of money on it, this certainly seems like it could be a great option!


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

      My grandkids had a teepee in their playroom area and loved pretend camping in it quite often. It was a great reading area as well. I would have loved the Kidcraft style back then. I'm sure parents will find your article very useful in making a good choice.