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Top Eco Style Ideas for Interior Design

Updated on March 13, 2015

As a young interior designer, I do not have to make a lot of effort to keep up with the latest trends in eco style: it is what I am mostly interested in. In my private life, I am quite an environmentally concerned citizen, so it would be easy to guess which interior style I like best. Eco-friendly materials, the atmosphere of wild nature and ethnic motifs are my main sources of inspiration. This is why I decided to share my enthusiasm about this style with you!

Us, human beings, are strange creatures, arent we? We've been working hard to create an artificial world built of synthetic materials and what now? Now all we want is to go back to basics (no, Im not talking about the British political program, of course), to reunite with Mother Nature and so on. 2015 will see this trend very popular again, as well as minimalism and pop art. So, lets satisfy the eco-friendly urges of your soul and body with the best design specialties!


Achim Home Furnishings FTVMA42320 Nexus 12-Inch Vinyl Tile, Marble Granite, 20-Pack
Achim Home Furnishings FTVMA42320 Nexus 12-Inch Vinyl Tile, Marble Granite, 20-Pack

Eco-interior is supposed to be based on organic materials (hello, Captain Obvious!). This is quite simple, actually: wooden floors, wooden walls, wooden ceilings Hold on. You are not going to live in the sauna, are you? (Though this concept can be used to the best effect as well, but lets be more creative than that.) For example, you could use stone or its imitation for the floor. Something like this will do the trick perfectly. By the way, you do not have to use any glue to lay this flooring - quite an eco-friendly thing, don't you think?

8-pocket Vertical Garden Planter
8-pocket Vertical Garden Planter

As for the walls, you may think of a vertical garden. Decorating walls with moss is one of the most popular trends and a great alternative to pot plants. Want something wilder? This mess-free planter is one of the simplest ways to arrange a recreation zone in the room, but you can go in for a real vertical garden equipped with a drain system and light fixtures and all that. Its not that affordable, to be honest, but it will definitely pay off. And, sure, you will feel no lack of oxygen anymore!

Stone Wall Backdrop Party Accessory
Stone Wall Backdrop Party Accessory

Something more should be said about stone. It is a great material for wall décor as well. If you are not ready to renovate your home completely and replace your favorite wallpaper with stone, you can use a realistic sticker. With proper illumination, which will highlight the texture, this thing will look very realistic!

If you happen not to like anything I mentioned above but still cling to your eco-friendly dream, lets try using other means to fulfil it. And here it comes furniture!


Safavieh Lahoma End Table, Medium Oak
Safavieh Lahoma End Table, Medium Oak

The first rule of eco-furniture: it should be solid. Imposing. Rough. All right, enough epithets, you've got the idea: no Victorian thin-legged sofas, no gilding and by no means! - no parlor chairs. Seriously, can you imagine your ancestors sitting on them in their caves? The more massive, the better - like this solid birch table by Safavieh.

Household Essentials Woven Banana Leaf Cushioned Storage Seat with 2 Drawers
Household Essentials Woven Banana Leaf Cushioned Storage Seat with 2 Drawers

There is one exception in the rough-furniture-only rule: rattan furniture. Its fragility and elegance will click with tiffany types who do not feel comfortable amidst thick tree trucks. Also, check out oriental multi-purposed chests which can be used as bench seating.

A third option is for avid eco-style fans. If you want something to be done well, do it yourself, right? So contact local wreckers about old planking, gather your friends and throw a do-it-yourself party! At the very least you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Onyx Sink and Teak Organizer
Onyx Sink and Teak Organizer

As for the bathroom, this is even simpler. Bamboo and onyx sinks are what you need. And, sure, do not forget the details: all sorts of rattan laundry baskets and wooden accessories will do the trick. Check this teak organizer from the Spa Collection, for example. Make sure that all bathroom accessories are water-resistant; otherwise, your eco-design wont stay for long!


Kenroy Home 93011BS Bulletin 1-Light Mini Pendant, Brushed Steel
Kenroy Home 93011BS Bulletin 1-Light Mini Pendant, Brushed Steel

Sure, grand chandeliers should be forgotten the same as parlor chairs when creating eco-design! The best way out is integral lighting that will highlight the texture of the furniture and layout. However, if you can't imagine a sroom without a lamp, don't worry - this is not a lapse from eco-style principles! Just choose the item made of natural materials like cork wood. These pendant lamps will look very natural.


16" Hooked Throw Pillow with Peach & Blue Crab
16" Hooked Throw Pillow with Peach & Blue Crab

There is nothing much to say about it, as the rule is always the same: choose coarse materials which look as raw as possible. Bast matting and coarse flax will just do the trick. Oh, I nearly forgot to say that vividly colored fabrics like shrilly green spandex will not be welcome in your eco-friendly room! Think of something more natural like.


Bali Cloud Pebble Tile ((Mesh Mounted))
Bali Cloud Pebble Tile ((Mesh Mounted))

Details should be as natural as possible - this goes without saying. Tree roots and twigs, pebble, shells theres no limit to your imagination! By the way, you can save your money by picking all these natural riches in the nearby wood or by the seaside! Or indulge in your laziness a bit and order ready-made accessorie. Quite affordable and very time-saving!

Summing up

So, what is the bottom line of the above-said? I would frame it as the three commandments of eco-style design:

  1. Wood is not the only natural material (remember the sauna thing? This is what we do NOT want to get as a result.). Mother Nature offers us a wide range of options, from bamboo to stone, so you will definitely find what you like.
  2. You do not have to change literally everything to create the atmosphere you need. Someties a couple of details are more than enough.
  3. You should feel comfortable. This is the key. The eco style is about relaxation, not about feeling like a savage (however, if this is what makes you feel at ease, go ahead!).

That's it for today! Hopefully, you will find this helpful. Sure, it is hardly possible to tell you everything about eco-design trends and accessories in one single article, so I encourage you to explore this fascinating topic further by yourself!

Check for more ideas - there is definitely no shortage of them there!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi! The first picture of the eco kitchen is super besutiful. Could you tell me which type wood is it and what kind of treatment/processing does it have? Big thanks!

    • Kate  Motina profile image

      Kate Motina 

      3 years ago from Kharkov, Ukraine

      Thanks)there is some reaaly good ideas)


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