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Top Four Landmann Fire Pits

Updated on March 16, 2011

Landmann company makes Outdoor Fire Pits, and Outdoor Fireplaces.  Whats great about these is that they are made in the USA 100%.  The main difference in a fire pit and fireplace is going to be the size and the shape.  Most fire pits are of course circular and the fireplaces can be circle or square shaped.  Both can cook food on them from hotdogs, burgers, marshmallows.

Landmanns Ball of Fire Fire Pit

The Landmann ball of fire outdoor fire pit is something unlike you have every seen.  It's a really cool scene at night when it looks like a floating fireball.  People love it when they see it.

You can choose to burn it closed or you can open the ball for a open fire maybe to roast some marshmallows or other food.  Also it's made easy to clean with a pull out ash drawer. This Out Fire Pit Ranked number in my Top Five Outdoor Fire Pits check out the others that ranked.

Landmann Fire Pits For Sale

The Landmann Savannah Garden Fire Pit. This is a nice looking fire pit that doesn't go over the edge and look to decorative. This fire pit makes a great cart around pit for beaches, camping, or even your backyard. I like the look of this fire pit and that fact the screen top is removable but can keep everyone safe. Also it features a 23-1/2-Inch Fire Bowl

Landmann Fireplaces

Another landmann fireplace- fire pit is the Landmann XT Fire pit that measures 52-1/2 by 25-1/4 by 22-3/4-inches. This is a sturdy built outdoor fire pit that has a neat design on the side to allow for a decorative look to it to. The screen top is also built on hinges that can be a down fall but you can get use to it. For more like this check my other hub on Top 3 outdoor fireplaces.

Outdoor Fireplace Deals

This is another favorite of mine because it's great looking for a fire or even decoaration. It looks like a giant lantern. It's another great built landmann product with a front door for accessibility, and a ash tray for easy cleaning. That's a positive because the last thing I want to do is clean it and have to take it apart. With the drawer I don't need to do that.


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