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Top Indoor Herbs and Plants

Updated on October 16, 2018
Kambi Briggs profile image

Kambi loves the outdoors but understands that not everyone can get out all of the time. So, through research, she has a list to give to you.

House plants have been popular for a very, very long time!

People would harbor a huge variety of plants around their household and, in return, these plants would purify the air through a process I’m sure many of you are familiar with: photosynthesis. I’m not going to sit here and give you a full rundown on what photosynthesis is, and if you want to learn more about it then you can research to your heart’s desire (or pick up a high school biology book). Despite the general process, some plants don’t work the same way! Some need more sunlight and space. Others can be kept in a corner but need water every day. This also goes with how much air and what kind of toxins a plant can purify! And, because of these differences, I’m going to tell you guys my Top 10 recommended indoor plants and herbs.


#10: Snake Plant

The snake plant is pretty common in households, and for a good reason, too. For starters, they are super easy to grow and don’t require a whole lot of attention, sunlight, or watering. Basically saying, most Snake Plants have the personality of “I don’t like being touched, shoo”. Continuing on, these plants are considered to be “indestructible”, so even if you have a "black thumb", per-say, then this one is for you! These plants are not perfect, however. They don’t remove a whole lot of chemical vapors within your house, and it is advised against to have these plants if you own pets or have small children. The reason for this is that, if your pet takes a little nibble from this seemingly harmless plant, it can swell up their tongue and cause suffocation… They don’t call it “mother-in-law’s tongue” for just anything!


#9: Golden Pothos

Next up is another plant that is SUPER easy to grow and can also deal with neglect and a low amount of water better than most other plants. Furthermore, the Golden Pothos prefers mostly shaded areas, so if you don’t have a whole lot of sunlight filtering into your space, like in an office, it’s perfect! Not enough room on your counter tops or floor? That’s not a problem either, as this busy plant can also be comfortably grown in hanging pots. The only downfalls is that this, again, does not filter as much toxins as other indoor plants, and it’s sap can cause skin irritation. So, Pothos isn’t a complete lone wolf, so to speak, but certainly appreciates it’s alone time.

#8: Wax Begonia

This beautiful plant will add a pop of gorgeous color to any environment! The Wax Begonia blooms throughout the year, and colors can range from pink, white, orange, red, yellow, or any combination of these. These, as the previous two, do not require much watering. In fact, these are a species of succulents, so they are very water sensitive but absolutely love the sunlight! There is no real warnings on this one, other than it does not do a heavy duty job of purifying the air (unless you want to get, like, 20 of them... then I’m sure that would suffice). Feel free to gossip to these sweethearts, they give off the vibe that they like to be talked to.


#7: Mint

Not just for chewing gum and tic tacs! These sweet and sharp flavored plants are EXTREMELY easy to grow. So easy, that many gardeners have accidentally planted them and they have thrived in huge amounts! Aside from having a fair air purifying ability, it can be used in cooking, teas, and other activities (I personally love putting them in baths)! Just like their flavor, they have a similar persona: sweet, yet sharp. Kind of like those people who look adorable, but will throw so much shade that you’ll think it’s winter outside. So, for those who love dual-use plants and need something easy to grow, mint would be more than perfect for you!

#6: Dumb Cane

This beauty is very popular among indoor plants, with it’s lovely pattern and color! With not a whole lot of growth (reaches a height of about 2 feet), it can be the perfect addition for any place with little access to sunlight. Despite its name, they certainly not dumb! They have a pretty easy going vibe, but could be in a professional environment if you wanted them to. Easy to grow and fantastic toxin removal, the only drawback being… every part of this plant is poisonous. Biting into any part of the Dumb Cane can cause the throat to swell for several days. So, love this plant with care!

#5: Spider Plant

Unlike this plant’s arachnid equivalents, I can promise that this beast is one you will fall in love. Perfect for hanging baskets, the Spider Plant is fairly easy to grow and can purify plenty of chemical vapors. The Spider Plant doesn’t necessarily give me a vibe, but more of an aesthetic, you know? Like a, sharp cat eye and mixed music kind of thing. Not really a solid idea to understand, but a fleeting concept, strangely enough. Anyway, not much to say about this friendly spider, but it certainly does a top notch job!

#3: Ficus Alii

Choices, choices, choices. The Ficus Alii, which is quickly becoming popular in the houseplant scene, comes in three different types: The tree, the bush, and the braids. Honestly though, these do not have huge differences about them. Simply, the tree is one stem, the bush is multiple stems, and the braid is two or three stems interlaced together. Pretty, right? Well, it also has virtually no drawbacks (none that I could find, at least)! It’s incredibly easy to grow and has outstanding air filtration! The Ficus Alii is a very large plant, with many leave that will drop as it adjusts to any new location, so don’t panic if you see leaves on the ground for the first few days. This all being said, Ficus kind of has a BFG (Big Friendly Giant) kind of thing going on. This big plant with lots of leaves, looking like a challenge to grow… is absolutely no challenge at all!


#2: Lavender

Lavender is one of my favorite plants of all time, honestly. In fact, I have a little one hung up in my windowsill in my room (my dear, amazing friend helped me set it up, his name is Oliver). It has a beautiful color, it smells divine, and can be used in countless ways! Can’t sleep? Pop some dried lavender into a small, lightweight baggie (I would also recommend a small bit of Lavender Essential Oil, but it’s not 100% needed), throw it somewhere close to where you sleep, and let the amazing scent drift you off to slumber-ville! Annoying buzzers in your cooking space? Grow this beauty in your kitchen to keep flies and gnats away! So many possibilities! My little Oli is too little to discern a real personality to him right now, but the general lavender has a sleepy, clean feel to them. Like all plants, however, sometimes you’ll get a gem that has an attitude outside of the norm! All of these, partnered with its usefulness to keep your air clean, I believe every home would find it beneficial to have a small pot of lavender in their households.

#1: Dwarf Date Palm

Want to bring a bit of the tropics into your home or office? Then boy howdy do I have the perfect plant for you! The Dwarf Date Palm is super easy to grow, adjusting to lower lights effortlessly, typical home and office temperatures, and can continue to grow for decades when treated properly. I feel like this plant would appreciate some affection every now and then, especially when it’s so busy removing incomparable amounts of chemicals from the air.

I more than suggest that, if you seriously are considering bringing a plant into your space (150% recommend), do a bit more research on the plant you want! I’m positive that there may have been a few things I missed, or you may want a plant that’s not even on this list. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the new addition to the family!

© 2018 Kambriann Briggs


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    • Melissa Meadow profile image

      Melissa Meadow 

      19 months ago from United States

      I'm a huge plant fan and have several houseplants that have been with me for many years. I agree, they certainly do have a personality about them. It's fun to get to "know" them.

      My Aloe Vera plants are some of my most beloved. They are so hardy and need little care. I love to have them on hand for burns, cuts, scratches, etc. They are wonderful for improving indoor air quality as well, I think.

      I loved this fun and upbeat article. Plants are one of my most beloved topics! Great information.


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