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Best Places to Invest in Real Estate for 2011

Updated on April 17, 2013

One of the locations that are a good place to purchase of home in 2011 is Austin, Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas and is considered to be a fabulous college town. Among the metro areas within America that are affordable this city is ranked number 12. Within the last decade Austin has seen a 14.1% increase in job growth and their unemployment is lower than what being seen nationwide. The median price of a home within this city is $119,788.

Next is Deerfield Beach found in Florida. This town is affordable and provides individuals with homes that have a great view. This is one of the cities with the lowest median prices of a home, which is $89,400 for Deerfield Beach. Residents of the town are able to enjoy warm weather all year round and depending on the location of the property a view of the beach. This town is also in close proximity to other cities that offer professional sports or cultural events such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Colorado's Broomfield County provides individuals with some of the best jobs. Within the last decade this location has seen a 50% increase in job growth. Jobs are provided by a lot of major high tech companies such as Oracle, the Ball Corporation, and VMware. Some other companies that are near to this location include IBM and Avaya. The median home price for Broomfield County is $239,000.

Considered to be a great location for retirement is Durham, NC. This city is home to Duke University's medical center, which is a plus for individuals who have retired. This University also provides senior learning on their campus in which individuals can choose between 100 different courses every term. Retirees can choose to pass the time by attending classes, playing golf, seeing Broadway shows, or going to various concerts or hiking. All around this is a location in which individuals will find it very difficult to be bored in.

A great place for individuals to purchase a home and raise their children in is Woodbury, Minnesota. The median cost of homes in this city is $240,100. This is a good place for individuals who like to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, or taking part in activities by or on a lake.

Individuals who are interested in purchasing a vacation home should look into Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. This location provides fun activities for residents and vacationers all year round which makes it a great place to have property in when you just need to get away from your everyday life.

There are so many great places to invest in real estate for 2011; it all depends on what an individual is looking for and their requirements.


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    swedal 6 years ago from Colorado

    You are most welcome crystolite!

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    Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

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