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Top Most Incredible Vintage Posters

Updated on December 21, 2015

Many people agree that vintage posters are awesome and serve different purposes, such as decorating. So, if you’re searching for something original and stylish to decorate your house, think about them because they are worth making an investment. You should find out more about a few top designers of vintage posters that should be taken into consideration.

A.M. Cassandre

Cassandre is a famous French graphic artist that created a variety of lithographic posters about different travels in the 20th century. These days, they are called some of the most influential and iconic in terms of Art Deco styles. He was born in Ukraine in 1901, but then moved to Paris with his parents and studied in art schools. The artist took his inspiration from famous avant-garde art trends, such as Futurism, Cubism and others. He early understood that he should use streamlined shapes and unadorned linear to reflect the dynamism and feeling of his epoch. Cassandre also did his best to promote developments in transport and mechanisms.

Ludwig Holwein

He started his art career as a talented architect, but soon he became one of the most prolific poster creators in his country (Germany). Ludwig also produced his posters for a large number of local retailers and companies, and his unique designs were influenced by flat patterns, colors and straight lines. The artist succeeded to transform simple and standard things, such as typewriters, bulbs and others, into incredible graphic images and pictures. There was a fierce competition among many commercial poster brands in Germany at that time, so posters were powerful selling tools to generate a lot of profit. Holwein lived and worked in Munich, and this is where he created some of his most amazing posters ordered by a local zoo.

Roger Broders

He was an important figure when it comes to French posters dedicated to travel designs. His works captured a sense of different places by exposing the actual directions and destinations of trains, which was quite different from such artists as A.M. Cassandre, whom you already know, because he chose to feature specific transportation means as advertisements. Many of his posters feature fashionable and stylish women in addition to geometric motifs with bold and plain colors. Pay attention to his well-known series of travel posters because they cover such top resorts as Nice, Antibes and others. Roger Broders is most famous for his talented sporting images, especially devoted to Monte-Carlo.

David Klein

He is popular as one of the preeminent commercial poster designers in the US, especially when it comes to commercial travels, for which he won a number of awards. The artist was a member of a local watercolor society, a group of talented people who decided not to use simple pencil drawings, so they used different colors in an original and innovative way. This art society definitely had an impact on his later commercial works depicting top landmarks. Then Klein worked on poster designs devoted to such popular cities as New York, Miami and some others. He also produced bold and abstract designs featuring interesting and eye-catchy beach scenes in Hawaii, and they all had his bright color palette. It’s worth mentioning that his New York poster is included in the permanent collection of MoMA.

Jean Dupas

Famous London underground posters were quite popular in the late 20s, so it’s no wonder the best fine artists were attracted to work on this new commercial design. Dupas was one of the most famous artists in this group, a French Art deco painter who produced 6 different designs promoting traveling to such famous places as Chalk Farm, Richmond and others. His style was quite distinctive and original, because he depicted elegant figures that seemed almost like statues. He was a real Art Deco artist because his works were very decorative and offered an ideal visual effect for furniture and other sets that could be seen in the most sophisticated interior designs of that period.

In conclusion, there were two important factors that had had a great impact on the value of posters, including their condition and availability. At that time, prints were not available to most people because of their limited numbers, and their examples were often found in a poor condition. If you are interested in buying posters created by these and other famous artists, you can be sure that their condition and authenticity are always checked by reputable experts, so you will get what you really want for the money you are paying.


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