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Top Rated Blenders

Updated on July 15, 2012

I'll start off with why I brought a blender,personally between you and me my diet sucks mainly due to my lack of vitamins due to not being a keen fruit or vegetable lover, yet when I was in Australia not so long ago I realised that there were smoothie bars everywhere so me and the wife had some smoothies and to be honest even the ones with really weird fruit in that I would never try I quite liked so with that in mind recently I thought I would buy a blender so as i could add vegetables into the mix as well to try and get my 5 portions of fruit and veg a day to keep myself healthy, but as anyone who has ventured into the blender market will know there is quite a lot of choice and this is what this hub is all about,how to pick the right one and the best ones on the market.

There are many different types and makes of blender and they all suit different needs and tastes depending on what you are going to be blending and also how much and how often you will be using your machine,i will try to guide you through these pitfalls and hopefully you will find the machine that is right for you.

Kitchenaid Blenders

Kitchenaid is a huge multinational company who produce a wide range of kitchen implements that have that touch of pizazz and style that has long been missing in the kitchen,i do seem to remember a time when everything was clinically white but now people want more choice they want a splash of colour in their kitchen.Kitchenaids wide range of blenders are not only stylish to look at but serve a purpose and are very good at what they do,most of them have touch control panels on the front to do a wide range of cutting,such as chopping,mixing, pureeing,and of course crushing ice which is perfect if you are looking to perhaps make smoothies.Not only do they produce good blenders and mixers but they also have a wide range of extras such as bigger glass jars as well as spare parts for your blender so there is no need to panic about buying a new one as they can be expensive but in my opinion well worth it for their style and function.

Cuisinart Blenders


Cuisinart are the middle of the road blenders as in they are not as expensive as top of the range models like the kitchenaid but not budget ones either,you certainly wont be buying more than one of these as they will last you a lifetime.Again like the Kitchenaid items they have a touch pad on the front for easy access to the controls and ultra sharp stainless steel blades.Cuisinart's blenders are also good for the smaller kitchen as they are quite compact and definitely save space when cooking,Like the kitchenaid's blenders they come in a variety of colours and there will be one to blend in with the colour scheme of your kitchen.When buying a coloured blender Cuisinart also provide a range of matching implements in the same colour.

Oster Blenders

Oster Blenders are the only blenders to use all metal components including the motor and blades,they usually combine powerful motors and super sharp blades as well as style and build quality that you would expect from a quality blender.Like most of the top blenders you can easily buy parts for them should they go wrong which most don't as they are covered by a long guarantee.They come with either a glass or plastic jar and it is up to you how big this is,spare jars are available from their website or amazon.

Hamilton Beach Blenders

These superb high power blenders are ideal for smoothies as they have a range of single serve blenders so they are ready for just enough for you.They also have a marvelous wave system which forces any food or fruit etc down towards the blades for quicker and smoother blending,ideal if you usually do a lot of heavy blending.Most of these blenders come with a 500watt power motor or more and so they make for easy blending,ideal if you use it a lot.


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