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Top Rated Osaki Massage Chairs

Updated on August 7, 2012

Osaki massage chair has become one of the leading massage chair sellers in the United States. They offer high quality massage chairs that sell at reasonable prices. A perfect example of this is seen in their Osaki OS-4000 model. This massage chair sells for under $3,000 and has tons of advanced features. In addition to their low prices, they also have a great warranty to back up all their products, as well as a great support team.

Below is an overview of three of their top selling massage chairs. The Osaki OS-4000 has been a best seller over the past few years, and they have just added two new chairs to their lineup. These are the Osaki OS-6000 and OS-7000 massage chairs. Check them out.

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair:

Retails: $2,895

The Osaki OS-4000 has been one of their best selling massage chairs over the past few years. One of the reasons the Osaki OS-4000 has been so successful is because it is essentially the same chair as the Osim Uastro sold by Brookstone. They are both manufactured in the same facility using the same parts, the only differences you will find is the design, and the remote control. The OS-4000 is primarily sold online and can be found for hundreds less than the Osim Uastro.

Learn More Here - Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair:

Retail: $3,495

The Osaki OS-6000 is one of the newest releases by Osaki. The OS-6000 is basically an upgraded OS-4000. The OS-6000 offers a similar design as the OS-4000, but with straighter lines. The 3D rollers are what really set the OS-6000 apart. This allows for a much deeper massage. The OS-6000 also adds a music feature as well as chromo therapy lighting. The Osaki OS-6000 is definitely worth the higher price tag.

Learn More Here -

Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair:

Retail: $3,795

The Osaki OS-7000 is another new release by Osaki. The OS-7000 has a very appealing design that is unlike any massage chair that I have ever seen. This is one of the reasons that the Osaki OS-7000 has quickly become one of the hottest massage chairs on the market. The OS-7000 also offers the 3D roller technology which allows for a very deep massage. The OS-7000 also has a unique head massage, as well as a full body infrared heating system.

Learn More Here - Osaki OS-7000

If you interested in learning more about Osaki massage chairs then I recommend checking out They are a leader in the massage chair industry and have a large selection of top brands to choose from.


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