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Top Scrub and Re-coat VCT tile floor

Updated on August 20, 2011

Top Scrub and Re-coat VCT tile Video Instruction

How to Top Scrub and Re-coat VCT tile floor

Supplies list

Neutral cleaner

Finish mop- Either Wax-er Candy (White/Blue color) mop with nylon finish mop.

Wax applicator- Micro fiber type applicator instead of finish mop- optional.

Doodle Bug pad- green or red for edges and corners.

Doodle Bug pad holder and handle for edges and corners.

Scraper short handle and long handle for gum or other items stuck to the floor.

Rags Green 6"x 9" pads, Mop and bucket wringers- 1each for neutral cleaner, 1each for rinsing, or more the better and easier.

Try using a large trash bag into the bucket and wringer for wax.

Auto scrubber or a buffer (floor machine- side to side ).

Red or green pads for scrubbing -for auto scrubber or buffer.

Wet floor signs.

Finish waxer mop or use microfiber flat mop applicator

Latex gloves Measuring cup for chemicals

MSDA sheets for chemicals

Finish / Wax

Dry/ Wet vacuum or shop vacuum to pick up water

Floor squeegee / Foam type works well

Air Mover / Air Blower/ Air Fan

Caution tape to block off the area, if needed.

Soft painters tape- only if needed as to tape off carpeted area or other areas that need to be taped.


Safety shoes- Working with chemical on the wet floor can be very dangerous.

You must wear safety shoes while stripping.

Instructions- How to do Top Scrub and Re-coat

Note: Steps are similar to strip and wax.

Note: When you do Top Scrub- it will remove one to two coats of finish, depending on what color pads you are using.

Red pad- will take off- 1 to 2 coats of wax Green pad- will take off- 2 to 3 coats of wax

Step 1: Vacuum thoroughly or sweep well corners and edges- make sure to pick up all dust, hair, and etc. Note: Remove anything not part of the floor, such as gum and etc.

Step 2: Dilute neutral cleaner solution in a mop bucket as recommended by manufacturer.

Step 3: Apply neutral cleaning solution onto the floor area that you will be scrubbing.

Note: Apply only on the area that you would be able to handle. Letting the solution sit too long to dry off before reaching the other end of it will waste money and time.

Note: Do not flood the floor with solution, but wet enough for solution to do scrubbing easily with buffer or auto scrubber.

Step 4: Let the solution sit for 3- 5 minutes.

Step 5: If you have more than one person working- start scrubbing the edges and corners well with Doodle Bug pads.

Note: Do this well.

Step 6: Start scrubbing with either auto scrubber or buffer with red pad.

Note: Red pad will remove some scratches and scuff marks off the floor and remove 1 to 2 coats of finish.

Note: Green pad is one step higher in aggressiveness. It will do a better job in removing scratches and scuff marks, but at the same time, it will remove 2-3 coats of finish.

Step 7: Vacuum or mop solutions, etc. off the floor.

Note: Use Dry/Wet vacuum or Auto Scrubber.

Step 8: Rinse thoroughly floor with hot water if available. Wipe off the base boards at this time, if you have not taped off.

Step 9: Do one final rinsing before letting the floor dry.

Step 10: Let the floor dry.

Note: Use air movers- Make sure not to face up too high to blow down dust from the ceiling or other areas. Use low to medium speed and let the floor dry completely before putting the first coat of wax.

Step 11: Lay the first coat of finish- Note: Work from back of the room to the exit.

Note: If working on a large area, divide to the sections that will be easily manageable to finish. Note: Lay edges and catch corners 1st.

Note: Try number 8, side ways shape (Ribbon shape) for laying the finish without lifting the mop head works well. Note: Try nice and smooth coat.

Note: Try using microfiber flat mop applicator system. It applies finish lot easier and faster.

Note: Finish on the mop should be squeezed gently enough, so that you do not have drippings of finish all over the floor.

Note: While you are laying the finish and see hair or dirt on the floor- carefully pick it up with you finger before going over with finish. Once, hair or dirt is under finish, it will take much work to remove it and fix the area. Note: Watch out for the borders. Check with customer if okay to have finish on it.

Note: If you missed some spots on your first coat, don't worry, you will cover these areas on your second and third coats.

Step 12: Check the finish to make sure it is dry enough for next coat of finish. Note: Does it look wet? Does it feel sticky on you palm of you hand? Does it leave finger prints on the finish? If any above is yes- floor is not ready yet to walk on.

Note: From second coat on>> remove shoes... Walk on floor with either bare feet or socks only. Aggressive design of the sole will create marks on the finish.

Step 13: Apply second coat of finish.

Step 14: Repeat Step 13, if you are laying more coats.

Note: Normally, for top scrub and re-coat, you lay 2 to 3 coats.

Step 15: Let the floor dry and do not let anyone walk on it at least 3 to 4 hours.

Note: You may buff/ burnish the floor after 24 hours after applying the finish.

Note: When daily mopping, must use only neutral cleaner, otherwise finish will disappear very fast.

Step 16: You are done for this job.


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