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Top Three Best Coffee Pod Coffeemakers, according with ConsumerReports reviews

Updated on April 26, 2014

A recent issue of ConsumerReports magazine has released the ratings for fifteen coffee pod coffeemakers available for purchase.The report includes reputable brands like Senseo, Krups and Keurig.

All these coffee pod machines have been tested for seven parameters, which are as fallowing:
Convenience (how easy is to use the machine)
First cup speed (how fast brews the first cup)
Repeat speed (how fast brews the second cup)
Brewing range (how light or strong of a coffee it makes)
Temperature consistency (the temperature of water and coffee)
Size consistency (the consistency of the coffee over multiple cup sizes)
Can use 2 pods (the possibility to have 2 pods in the machine at the same time)

The first two coffee pod machines come to no surprise for a coffee connoisseurs from North American continent because they are well known, they have a good overall quality, and make an outstanding coffee. The third one though is new to the market but have passed all the tests and gained a good reputation.
Besides being rated the best three coffee pod coffee makers, they have an astonishing design that will enhance any kitchen counter and make your guests jealous.

Here are the top three coffee machines for coffee pods

Cafe Invento

No. 3 - My Invento from Invento Cafe

Designed by studioMom, a branch of a Dutch manufacturer of home appliances, Invento Cafe coffee pod machine, in particular the model named My Invento HK10M, had made it into the third position In ConsumerReports. Within few years of It’s lunch, this product had arrived in United States and Canada.

My Invento is a new European product with very little information about it. And this is a handicap since people usually do extensive researches prior trying, and buying, a new coffee machine. Especially when the price is over $100. Let’s see what we know about it.
The machine has a removable 10 cups reservoir for water, that is far bigger the usual single serve coffee makers. Multiple podholders, two in fact, for 2 pods, allows to insert two pods of coffee.
It can make one or two cups of coffee or tea at once, which is a good thing for a family of coffee drinkers.
A digital taste selection allows you to choose from light to strong coffee.
Auto shut-off in two hours for convenience.
It is made out of a new material called Protact which is steel coated with a kind of new plastic that do not show fingerprints therefor is easy to clean.
With its slick and interesting design, wide but narrow, looks like would be convenient for placing it in tighter spaces.

Based on customers reviews, this coffee pod coffeemaker is “love it or hate it”.

The pros and the cons are equally important.
Customers love the quality coffee of coffee, the fact that extracts the whole aroma and also the fact that you can use all kind of coffee pods. Also, they like the design, wondering why other big brands of coffee pods makers didn’t think of it.
On the other side, numerous customers have complained that the machine stops working after few months or even weeks of use.
In this case, the worse part is that there is no service available. Few sellers may accept to replace your machine, if it is within their return/replace policy.
The “no travel mug” comes to make the same customers annoyed when they just want to fill their cups and get going.

The ratings for My Invento are as fallowing:
Convenience: excellent
First cup speed: good
Repeat speed:excellent
Brewing range:excellent
Temperature consistency:good
Size consistency:very good
Can use 2 pods: yes

The conclusion is that this machine is for people that want to try something new and have enough money to overcome the risks of buying this coffee pod coffeemaker.
If you are looking for something else then move to the next one bellow.

Krups - Dolce Gusto Circolo


No. 2 Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo by Krups

(which translates something like “Sweet taste Nescafe, Circular”)

There are two round or circular coffee pods coffeemakers on the market, one from Krups, another one from DeLonghi. The one we are going to review is a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo by Krups.
Krups is a trusted brand and the company have always produced good quality coffee machine that brews a nice cup. This pod coffeemaker comes to no exception. It’s shape is specific to other machines that are called nescafe but it takes it a step farther having a perfect round shape.

As for features, this award winning 15 bar pressure and 1500 watts of power machine would not disappoint you.

It has a 4 cups (32 oz) removable water tank.
The lever situated at the top of the machine it lets you choose a hot or a cold beverage or choose your strength.
Heats the water in less then one minute.
An interesting feature, called Thermoblock pressure pump, makes a rich cream.
The machine auto-shuts off after 20 minutes.
Its removable drip tray it is dishwasher safe.
The machine can accommodate coffee cups of all sizes, including the ones that can be taken on the go.

Based on customers reviews, this machine, that has four and a half stars, should have more pros then cons.
People are really impressed with the quality of brewed coffee. Both coffee lovers and occasional coffee drinkers say that this Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a great coffee pod coffee maker and that its unique shape looks very nice on their kitchen counter.
Despite these very important qualities, there are some customers that complained about the water tank being too small. Others say that the machine is not quite so easy to operate, because it is not fully automated, meaning that it doesn’t stop brewing when it reaches a certain amount of coffee. Instead, a manual lever must be operated to control how much coffee it is brewed, hence the strength of the drink.
Maybe the most most important complain is the luck of a coffee pods market as well as the variety of coffee for this machine.

The ratings for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo are as fallowing
Convenience: very good
First cup speed: excellent
Repeat speed:excellent
Brewing range: very good
Temperature consistency:very good
Size consistency: good
Can use 2 pods: no

In conclusion, this coffee pod coffeemaker is a good buy for someone that wants a convenient and very good cup of coffee (or tea). If you are paying five dollars every day for your morning cup, then it may be more economical (and fun) to make your own. 

Senseo Supreme Chrome


No. 1 Senseo Supreme (SL7832) by Senseo

enseo is a trademark of Philips Electronics and Sara Lee. The single serve coffee maker is one of the best among numerous coffee machine that use coffee pods. It has always been an expensive product but people who bought the early models say that it worth the money.
The Senseo Supreme that has been rated number one in ConsumerReports magazine is the latest model, SL7832. But not all customers are happy with it.

Bellow are the most important features:

It has a 1.2 bar pressure system, rather mild then strong.
A spray head evenly distributes the hot water over the coffee for maximum extraction of flavour and caffeine.
A specially designed frothing chamber makes a nice layer of foam.
The removable water tank holds 4 cups and is equipped with a level indicator.
An interactive LED display let you choose the cup size: 6, 8 or 10 oz.
To fit the height of the cut, Senseo Supreme has an adjustable spout.
This machine has two pod holders, for one or two pods.

By reading the reviews, it looks like there are two kinds of customers: the ones that owns a perfect Senseo coffeemaker, and the ones that got a very bad one. In the case of this coffee pod coffee machine I will start with the cons.
Most people complain about a peculiar plastic taste on their coffee after brewing with this model. These customers had previously had an older Senseo model (and they were happy with it) and upgraded to the latest one. Also, the same customers say that the coffee is weak and disappointing.
Others are complaining that the design doesn’t fit a tall travel mug or that they do not find the pods at their retail stores.

On the opposite side, some people are very happy with the quality of coffee brewed in this machine. They are also finding it very easy to use and they like the shape.
Not only they are praising the taste and are overall satisfied with the product, but they seem to manage to find all kinds of coffee pods, made by other companies, that they use with this Senseo Supreme.

Here is the rating from ConsumerReports
Convenience: verygood
First cup speed: very good
Repeat speed: excellent
Brewing range: very good
Temperature consistency:very good
Size consistency:very good
Can use 2 pods: Yes

Conclusion is that this product it may be risky to buy, even it it is a brand that you trust. The quality of coffee is, no doubt, excellent but my understanding is that a faulty design or manufacture of the machine may downgrade it to a poor tasting. And there are rumors that they won’t make this model anymore. So, my advise is either wait for an improved one, either go with an older model.

Coffee pod coffeemakers ratings in performance order

1. Senseo Supreme SL7832
2.Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo
3. Invento Cafe My Invento HK10M
4.Senseo SL7810-65
5.Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System BVMC-KG1
6. Keurig Mini Plus B31
7. Flavia Fusion Deluxe J11NMG
8. Bunn My Cafe MCP
9. Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto KP2102
10. Cuisinart Gourmet SS-700
11. Bosch Tassimo Suprema TAS4511UC
12. Keurig B40 Brewing System
13. Breville-Keurig Single Serve BKC600XL
14. Breville BKC700XL
15. TRU Eco TE-258

If you like Keurig single serve coffee makers and their K-Cups, check out this article:

Keurig system and the K-cup coffees, pros and cons


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