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Top gardening money saving tips

Updated on August 11, 2014
Plastic bottles used as cloches
Plastic bottles used as cloches | Source

A frugal gardener

If you have been a gardener for a long time or you know a gardener then you will know what a frugal gardener is. For those of you who don't allow me to explain. A Frugal gardener does not like waste and will make use of anything before throwing it away. They will try to find a use for everything, especially if it saves them money. When they are out and about they will keep their eyes peeled for useful objects that others are not wanting or throwing away but it can be used in the garden in someway.

Gardeners that grow vegetables are more likely to be a frugal gardener. Growing your own vegetables is all part of being frugal and this then becomes more so in many areas of your life. I am a vegetable grower and have learnt how to be a frugal gardener, I want to share with you my ideas and tips on frugal gardening and how to save money and enjoy the rewards of gardening on a budget.

To be or not to be

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My top ten frugal gardening tips

  1. Instead of buying flowerpots make use of food containers. Margarine tubs, yogurt pots, pop bottles cut down. Toilet rolls make great pots for things that do not like their roots disturbed and can be planted straight in the ground when they are ready for planting out.
  2. For seed trays again you can use food containers. Plastic mushroom and strawberry punnets, meat trays and also if you do have frozen meals or foods these also often have a handy tray that is suitable for use as a seed tray.
  3. To protect your delicate plants from frosts and the spring weather elements use a 2 liter plastic bottles, pop, milk and water bottles are ideal. Cut the bottom 2 inches off and remove the lid and pop these over your plants. Another use for these bottles is to bury them several inches in the ground and use them to funnel water to the roots of plants in the dry growing season. This helps to get the water where it is most needed and also you will not be wasting water.
  4. Instead of buying new tools buy second hand ones. Look on ebay, amazon market place, boot sales and garage sales. They will cost you a lot less and the money you save can be spent on something else.
  5. Send away for seed catalogs as they usually throw in a free packet of seeds. Join their mailing lists to get all their special offers. If a friend is also into gardening then go halves on purchasing the seeds or draw up a list and divide it between you and each of you purchase different ones but grow enough for all of you to have some.
  6. If you have a plastic watering can or bucket that has developed holes in the bottom, don't throw it away as it will make a perfect planter and has the added advantage of already having drainage holes!
  7. You are always advised to sow more seeds than you need to ensure you have enough if they don't always germinate. More often than not they all do and you end up with surplus plants. Either swap them with a fellow gardener in exchange for their surplus plants or put a notice outside and sell your excess plants. You can then save the money to purchase more seeds the following year.
  8. Making you own compost is also another great money saver. Using kitchen waste, grass cuttings and animal bedding (rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs) and add to your composter will eventually turn into lovely rich compost. It will not only boost your ground soil as a manure but you can also sieve it and use it for potting on your plants and for putting in containers for growing.
  9. If you can get hold of some wooden pallets then once you take these apart you can make great looking planters or even raised vegetables beds out of them. Paint them with a stain or varnish and they will make an attractive feature in your garden.
  10. Making your own pest repellents will not only enable you to be more organic but will also save you money. Purchase a plastic spray bottle and pump three or four times on a liquid soap or washing up liquid into your spray bottle and fill with water. This will help to combat greenfly, black fly, cabbage white caterpillars and various other bugs. Just spray onto the affected plants and do it everyday until you have eradicated they pest. You can also use rhubarb leaves, liquid soap and water solution. Wearing gloves as rhubarb leaves are toxic, shred the leaves and place in a bucket. Add 1 liter of water and leave for a week or two. Ensure that it cannot be reached by children or animals. Strain the liquid into your spray bottle add three or four pumps of liquid soap and spray the affected plants. Be sure to label the bottle and keep out of reach of children and animals.

Ask family and friends to save containers and bottles for you as you can never have enough of these items! You will not only be saving money but also saving space in the landfill sites making yourself more organic and green! I hope you have enjoyed reading through my frugal gardening tips, and have found out something useful that you can adopt in your gardening.

Recycling grey water
Recycling grey water | Source

Saving water

Another way to save yourself some money is by reusing and recycling your water. By filtering your bath, shower and washing machine water you can then use this to water the garden. So in effect you are paying for your water only once but getting double the value!


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    • stephanieb27 profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Pinning this article as I am planning for our first garden this year! Great frugal tips! :)

    • sjwigglywoo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      Hi, glad you found it useful. I have written a few articles perfect for the new gardener, the links are on my profile page. Good luck with your gardening venture. It is a great hobby.

    • collegedad profile image


      6 years ago from The Upper Peninsula

      This is our first year gardening. Thanks for the great tips!

    • sjwigglywoo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      Hiya tamron, thanks and also helps you to stay fit and healthy an even bigger bonus!

    • tamron profile image


      6 years ago

      Great way to save money,save the environment and eat for free. Nice Hub vote up!

    • sjwigglywoo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      Thanks to you all for some reason it will not let me reply to you individually. Glad to now that some of my ideas are new to you and that you found something useful.

    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 

      6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Excellent tips and information. It's good to be reminded about how to do things simply, frugally and organically.

      Voted up, useful and interesting.

    • Angelo52 profile image


      6 years ago from Central Florida

      Like your tips. I've used some of them before. vote up

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      6 years ago from USA

      These are great tips for saving money while gardening.I haven't done a lot of gardening, so most of these are new to me. Voted up.

    • Robie Benve profile image

      Robie Benve 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      Great tips! I am a frugal gardener, but I never heard or thought to use the pop bottles the way you suggested. Wonderful ideas! Voted up and useful!


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