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How to Decorate a Toy Story Room | Toy Story Bedroom Décor | Toy Story Bedroom Theme

Updated on August 21, 2011
Toy Story Bedroom
Toy Story Bedroom

Toy Story Decorating Ideas

Toy Story is one of those animated films loved by both adults and kids of all ages. Chances are, you have already heard or know the complete story line about this exquisite animated film. The talented studio production, known as Pixar Animation Studios collaborated with Disney Studios, to create a wonderful story line filled with charm, warmth, comedy and adventure. The majority of the characters in the film are toys and these toys seemingly come to life while the owners are away.

Bringing talented celebrities to play the voices of Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and Mr Potato Head (Don Rickles) certainly enhanced its marketability and the compelling story line kept every entertained and captivated to the end. Each member did an outstanding job and I believe helped the movie peak to one of the best films Disney has ever produced.

Toy Story Bedroom Set

With every successful movie comes an abundance of promotional merchandise to elevate sales and revenue.

The studios are very creative in generating a superb marketing campaign to capitalize on parents and children. They want to be sure some type of Toy Story merchandise reaches every household who has a small child.

Any child would be excited to have Buzz LightYear or Woody the Sheriff as their sleeping companion. They could sleep soundly knowing they are “Soaring to Inifinity and Beyond” with their favorite cartoon character.

Toy Story Curtains
Toy Story Curtains

Toy Story Bedroom Curtains

No Toy Story bedroom theme would be complete unless you had the perfect drape or valance to complete the ensemble.

Buzz and Woody will bring life to your child’s bedroom with there beloved charm and personality. These window treatments are made of cotton and are machine washable.

Toy Story Animated Lamp
Toy Story Animated Lamp

Toy Story Lamp

These Toy Story lamps feature your child's favorite Toy Story characters. With there soft, warm glow these soothing lights will allow your child to drift off to sleep dreaming of their favorite animated character.

Any of these lamps would look wonderful in your child's room and could be the finishing touch to your Toy Story bedroom theme.

Toy Story Bedroom Décor

Toy Story 10 Piece in a Box
Toy Story 10 Piece in a Box

Toy Story Décor in Box

If you are interested in redecorating your child’s room and have a very limited budget, then this Toy Story 10 piece Décor in box is the perfect way to change the look of their room.  Each items features the colorful Disney Toy Story theme which will brighten up any child’s room.

The Décor Box includes the following:

  • Coat rack with four pegs
  • Two bookends
  • A height chart
  • Four child hangers
  • A picture frame
  • Two fabric bins for storage

Toy Story Organizer
Toy Story Organizer

Toy Story Toy Box

This Disney Toy Story storage box will be the perfect place to store Buzz, Woody, Jesse and Mr. Potato Head. These storage boxes are a convenient way to store and hide all your child’s favorite toys until the next time they want to play.

With the colorful Toy Story mural perfectly etched around the box, it will make a great addition to any childs room décor.


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