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Travel Iron Buying Tips

Updated on September 27, 2011

On the Road With a Travel Iron

Whether you're on a two day trip or an extended time away from home, we all know what happens to your clothes when they're crowded into luggage. Wrinkles, and plenty of them. Not exactly the look you were going for.

The solution is simple. A travel iron. Sure if you stay in a hotel, they are likely to provide an iron and board, but it's not the kind of thing you want to risk having to go without when you'll be meeting with important people or someone special.

With a lightweight travel iron you can be sure you'll always look your best. Learn more about choosing the right one and shop for a good one here.

Buying a Travel Iron

Choosing a travel iron is a relatively simple task, but there are a few things you should consider to be sure the one you buy will meet your needs:

  • Portability
    All travel irons are portable of course but some are smaller in size, will fold flatter, and weigh less. You can look for a folding handle but you'll need to consider it's measurements and your bag size when making a purchase. However, keep in mind that while some of the lightest portable irons may be the easiest to transport, they may not perform the task as well. A bit of extra weight can improve performance.
  • Voltage
    If you will be traveling exclusively within the country it's an easy task to get a travel iron that will work with the appropriate voltage. However, if international travel will be involved, you need dual voltage. You may also want to purchase an appropriate adapter that will fit the outlets. These are quite affordable.
  • Heat
    Some travel irons will provider hotter temperatures which are needed when ironing fabrics like cotton, and others won't. Many irons will have a range of temperature settings from say 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 420 or so. Many people also want a model that will heat up quickly. The wattage can vary with some irons having 420 watts and others 1,000.
  • Flexibility
    Most of these devices are steam irons. Having a variable steam control and a button for "mist" or the ability to provide a burst of steam can be useful. Some of these travel irons can also provide vertical steam which allows the user to steam clothing while hanging up if desired.
  • Ease of Use
    Just as with a full size iron, you'll want to be protected from scorching and ruining the soleplate. Some type of non-stick soleplate is often preferred. Having a removable water reservoir or an included cup to use for filling the iron can be a real convenience. Also, having a cord that is at least a few feet long can be helpful.


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    • profile image

      BlueMountains Getaways Guy 7 years ago

      Good hub Mulberry,

      Strike while the iron's hot they say... most of my wardrobe is strictly casual - no iron needed, but my wife loves to look her best at all times and is the sort of person who'd use the travel iron when and where necessary. (very smart dresser that gal)

      Max the blue mountains getayways guy