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Forest Faces and Tree Faces - Great Outdoor Decorations

Updated on January 21, 2022
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Gardening of all types appeals to me. It soothes my soul and helps me forget about anything else but my connection to the earth.

What Is A Tree Face?

One novel decoration you see more and more these days are referred to as tree faces or forest faces. These are simple decorations that usually come in the pieces of a face, with the eyes, nose and mouth most often in separate parts that are simply nailed or attached to a tree, and give the illusion of a face for the tree. When you step back and look at a tree with a face on it, you have to chuckle or give that quirky little head movement that says, "What's that?"

Most would agree this is a fun way to add character to your own yard, it could also be considered a type of landscaping, especially with a large amount of trees in your yard decorated in this fashion. So go ahead, have some fun with a tree face!

Types of Tree Faces

There are a big variety of themes for these tree faces. You can go with the holiday theme or spooky for Halloween making a reminiscent time of the talking trees in some movies like the Lord of the Rings or Disney's Pocahontas.

Character faces can look more like wild animals, such as a duck sitting on the tree or the face of a moose sitting on the side of the tree. There are a lot of goofy characters to be found lurking on the side of your trees.

Seasonal Tree Faces - In addition to Halloween, another popular seasonal face is a Santa face to help bring the Christmas spirit to your landscaping. Greet your visitors with a smiling Santa.

NCAA - Finally, you can now find a large number of forest faces for your favorite college team. There is no limit!

Professional Sports Teams - There is a host of ways to show off your allegiance to your favorite professional sports teams. Most of the major baseball clubs like the St. Louis Cardinals or the New York Yankees are available, along with pro football teams like the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers have forest or tree faces that you can either thrill or annoy your neighbors with.

Tree faces are a unique way to dress up the yard, and you can make them a seasonal decoration or a statement of allegiance as well. They also make great thank you gifts for a host who has treated you to a great outdoor experience. Enjoy!

Natures Tree Faces

How about Mother Nature providing the face herself?

"The weather is not pleasing today."
"The weather is not pleasing today." | Source
"Think I need new glasses!"
"Think I need new glasses!" | Source

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