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Tree Home Pictures! This is a collection of Tree house pictures that are worthy of living in. A Dreamers Dream!

Updated on August 13, 2011

Steps to build your tree house!

  • If you want to build a tree house you need a good sturdy tree or trees,
  • Some trees may take a little thought on how you are going to build your house or deck!
  • I had A tree with multiple trunks that came up at angles and it took a couple months to realize what I wanted to do with it.
  • I end up with a 12x12x12ish triangle deck 10' of the ground it made a nice deck.
  • Building a tree house is like building a house the only difference is the tree is your foundation and it is recomended that you use tree house beam bracket with 1" thick bolts you can find them online.
  • When you have all your beam brackets level and set you can start setting your beams. Everything needs to be fastened well. The beams need to be large enough to support the loads.
  • Make it easy on yourself, to assemble rig up pulleys and put what ever you can on the ground.
  • Assemble your floor joist on top of or inside the beams. Hurricane straps should be used to tie the joist's to the beams, this very important trees move and everything needs to be very sturdy.
  • Next step decking: What ever you use for decking screw it down.
  • Install stairs, rope ladder or cat walk.
  • Build the walls with window and door rough openings.
  • Level your walls the best you can and brace them off.
  • Hang your siding. Make sure the siding ties the walls to the beam.
  • Hang the rafters. (You might want to look at the pictures to get some ideas on how you want your roof.)
  • Deck and/or install roofing depending on what you use for roofing.
  • Install any wiring, plumbing, ect. and do all the trim work.
  • Stain/paint.
  • Enjoy


Tree house construction and fasteners!

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