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Tree Surgery Rift Reinforcement

Updated on April 8, 2011

Trees can be saved

Rift Area's In Crotches Of Trees

     Realize that over 90% of all trees which will die or fall over prematurely CAN BE SAVED!

     Realize that this is a serious and deadly problem that is in most cases invisible to the untrained eye. This problem is common in all older trees.

      These pages will instruct you how to install rift supports correctly..

Tree Rift

     The numbers in 'load weight' stress values on the lowest crotch area of a tree are exponential, in other words extremely and un-believably HIGH. This practice in NO _W AY guarantees the safety of your tree, but will dramatically reduce the danger.Like cabling; rift crotch support should be viewed as an amendment to safety and not relied on as a 100% solution.

       Remember; that in nearly ALL CASES where rift rod support is needed the tree will need Canopy weight reduction and/or Cabling.

      This problem is very easily remedied, some crotches need more than one support. For most trees the support rod is hidden. This one I placed above for strength due to the nature of this particular tree. I used the attaching sleeve(bolt) because of the exposed distance of the span which was as well spot welded for secure strength.

      Before installing the brace you MUST pull the above forks together with a come-a-long and apply the CORRECT AMOUNT OF TENSION; this is critical. If you are cabling as well (recommended in ALL cases of Rift Support) than be sure that you install the rift brace AFTER you install the cables

     In these two pictures you will notice the tremendous amount of heal-over that occurred within just 3 years. The Cambium heal-over is good because we took the extra time to make clean incisions with chisels and a utility knife around the hardware cutting sufficiently into the Cambium layer . If this surgery is not done correctly then the area around the rods WILL rot!

      Here you will also notice that I penned the end of the rods.

      Normally a tree that needs this type of bracing also needs two cables attached in the crotches above as well as Canopy Weight Reduction

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Surgery's on trees really do work to save trees.


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