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Trimming, Pruning and Maintenance: It's That Time of the Year to Have Your Trees Professionally Serviced.

Updated on March 4, 2016

Many homeowners utilize a lovely variety of trees to help create the very best landscaping vision. Whether you choose trees that showcase lovely flowers, produce delicious fruit, stay evergreen or stand tall as mighty hardwoods,each tree will require regular care just like any other living thing.

tree cut
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We're about to say goodbye to yet another long winter and prepare to greet the bright, beautiful season of spring, and this is the time of the year that you'll need to see to several necessary tree-care procedures. You'll want a professional tree company to perform the proper tree maintenance to ensure that your trees remain as safe, healthy and beautiful as possible, and these are the three main reasons that the late spring and early winter months are the perfect time for homeowners to schedule professional tree care.

tree trimming services
tree trimming services | Source

1. Perfect Pruning Conditions

While very light pruning may be done to your trees during any time of the year when it seems necessary, the best time to schedule a tree prune is during this time when your tree is resting in its dormant stage. This practice will allow your tree to enjoy healthy new growth as soon as spring is in full swing, and you'll definitely want to schedule a tree prune for those trees that should be flowering during the summer months to ensure that the most healthy and beautiful flowers grace the branches when the right time arrives.

2. The Right Time to Trim

Much like pruning, you'll also want to schedule a tree trim during this time when the tree is dormant. In general, you can expect a normal tree trim to be utilized for the proper trimming back of branches to help ensure the continued proper growth of the tree. Branches may also be trimmed to encourage growth in various shapes that are desired to enhance your landscaping efforts.

3. Time to Check for Damage

Now that the worst of winter is behind us, this is the perfect time to have your trees checked for any damages that may have been caused by the severe winter weather. Trees that have branches that reach over your home should be checked carefully for dead limbs or serious damage, and this may call for tree cutting or tree removal to ensure that your home is not in danger from falling branches. In most cases, dead or damaged branches will just be removed, but a severely damaged tree may require a complete tree removal.

Contact a Professional Tree Company Today

Whether you need tree cutting, removal, trimming, pruning or any other tree-related maintenance, you should check out this tree services helpline today. Just take a moment to visit them, and you'll soon have a friendly and professional tree expert ready to give you a free estimate and get the work done quickly and at a reasonable rate.

tree pruning
tree pruning | Source


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