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The Trundle Bed – An Excellent Option

Updated on September 16, 2009

The trundle bed is really a wonderful option to have in a child's room. While they can be used for a permanent second bed for a sibling, more often than not the troubled bed is used as a guest bed. The total bed is basically just a really big drawer that slides under the main bed but has its own self-contained mattress within it. The beauty of this is that you can always have a guest bed at the ready for your child's friends should they decide to do a sleep over. If your kid is at that age, you know what a fantastic option this would be for them. In fact, I grew up with the troubled myself. I can still remember my parents talking about it before I got it. I guess the whole word “trundle” had me confused and I wasn't one who loves the idea of change. However, once I got it, and especially once I had friends spending the night, I thought it was simply the greatest thing ever. If you're considering getting a trundle bed, all talk about a few things to consider in this article.

There's no doubt that for a child a bunkbed or loft beds are the absolute magic ticket when it comes to sleeping arrangements. However, the simple fact is, that this just isn't realistic or feasible in many situations. For a child in their own room, there's really no need to go with the bulk bed. I've heard many children, including my own, try to rationalize a bunkbed by saying how great it will be for friends, or even family, may come to spend the night. The fact of the matter is, there's no way any of the family members, adult family members that is, will ever sleep in a bunkbed. If push comes to shove however, rolling out the trundle bed from beneath my kids bed works out just fine. And after having added a memory foam mattress topper, anyone can get a great nights sleep on it.

A Trundle Bed Can Be As Comfortable As Any Other Bed

flickr image by mrbill
flickr image by mrbill

Another thing that you can consider regarding frontal beds, and this comes from my own personal experience, is that once the child grows up and out of the trundle bed, and moves out of the house, the trundle bed makes a great storage area. Simply remove the mattress and you have one enormous roar for all kinds of storage. Right now I know my mom has my old trundle bed trundle. Six storage boxes holding God knows what...

If you decide the troubled that sounds like it makes sense for you, and you start shopping around for one, there are a few things about the space in which you're going to put it to you should keep in mind. While a total bed is a great space saver, you do need to make sure there is space for the sub bed to come all the way out. Sure, you can move a few things around to create space when it's time to open up the troubled bed, but you want to make sure it's not any huge, heavy piece of furniture that's a real pain. The whole purpose of the troubled bed is ease of efficiency. Keep this in mind when you look at the space for your troubled bed.

flickr image by Kai Hendry
flickr image by Kai Hendry

As far as where to purchase the troubled bed, you have a lot of options. The obvious ones are your local furniture and bedding supplier near where you live. Of course the Internet is full of vendors who would be more than happy to sell you a trundle bed. Oftentimes the shipping is even included, and you don't need to pay sales tax, so you can find one for a great price. Finally, another option that you may not have thought of, is the fact that there are plans out there for how to build your own trundle bed that will slide under the existing bed.

Adding onto, and modifying, and existing bed is a fantastic option if you have some mechanical abilities. Obviously you'll be able to save a lot of money going this route. However, if you're not comfortable building things, even if they come with excellent plans, you might be better off simply purchasing a complete trundle bed. Like so many other things, there are pros and cons to each.

So there you have it. The trundle bed is a great space saving concept that kids absolutely love. They are versatile, they come in many different designs to suit your choice of décor, have many options on where to purchase the trundle bed, or, you can even get plans on how to retrofit your existing bed to convert it into a troubled bed. No matter which path you choose, I wish you the best and anticipate that your child will also have wonderful long-term memories about their troubled bed, just like me.


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