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Trundle Bed Benefits

Updated on April 11, 2013

Trundle Beds

Benefits of Owning a Trundle Bed

When purchasing a new bed, there are a variety of unique bedding options available today. For many people, the trundle bed has become a great way to provide ample bedding without taking up so much space. These beds are also typically low in cost, which makes it a cost-efficient solution for the home as well. The option to buy a trundle bed is available at most major bedding retailers, so customers should have no trouble finding a range of bed options from which to choose.

Trundle beds are, first and foremost, a great space-saving idea. The unique construction of the trundle bed allows an extra bed to be stored underneath the main bed frame. Typically, a twin size trundle bed is stored directly underneath a twin frame. The lower bed is equipped with rollers or casters so that, when it is needed, it can easily be rolled out for use. In most cases, there are two main options available with trundle beds. The first includes a lower bed which rolls out and stays on the ground next to the bed on the main frame. The second option is a trundle bed which can be popped up to sit next to the main bed, transforming what was originally two twin beds into a queen-size mattress. Either option is great when used in a guest room or for additional guests for a children’s sleepover.

Trundle beds are typically lower in cost that buying a large bed or two smaller beds. The same amount of sleeping space can be obtained through a trundle bed but at a lower cost. Mattresses are easy to obtain for these beds since they traditionally come in the standard twin size. You also don’t need to purchase box springs for either bed, which also lowers the cost. If you find that you don’t need to use the trundle bed for extra sleeping space, the mattress can be removed and the trundle frame transforms into a spacious storage space below the bed.

For those who need extra sleeping areas but don’t have the space for it on a day-to-day basis, a trundle bed offers the perfect option. When you do have company, the trundle bed can be pulled out in seconds, making it a great solution for last-minute guests.


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