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Trying To Save A Hummingbird.

Updated on October 10, 2015

Saturday, October 10 , 2015

Recently my wife Joann pulled a muscle in her back . I have been tending to our housework, cooking, cleaning, and preparing meals. My primary physician increased my anxiety medicine. Although I still have problems breathing , and coughing , at least the medicine has helped me to breathe a little better . My only concern is that I use my rescue inhaler too often.

I handled the grocery shopping this morning. Joann prepared a list of important items we needed. When I came home I washed dishes, and brought in our garbage can which was near our highway, and I also fixed breakfast , and brewed our coffee.

I told Joann to rest as she filled our coffee cups with sugar, and cream. Becky wanted to go on the porch again so I brought her there. That was when I saw a Hummingbird trying to fly threw a window that was shut.

The little Hummingbird was trying hard to free itself . I decided I would do my best to try to catch the little bird , but I did not realize how delicate it's feathers were. Some of them came off even though I was very careful in trying to hold her.

Unfortunately the little bird flew down in between the windows which did not allow her any freedom to move her wings. The situation was sad at the very least. I felt like I failed trying to release the bird.

I had no choice but to work my hand in between the windows to pull her out of her bad situation. She lost a lot of feathers in the process , but I managed to hold her to set her free. I was afraid that she might not be able to fly, but when I released her she took off like a jet, high in the air, and flew over the top of my mother's house in a single second.

I was worried that she might have gotten injured . Joann said that she would probably be alright.

A better way to capture the bird would have been by using a large plastic bowl , and by placing the bowl over the bird, I could have placed my hand in front of the bowl. All I would have had to do would have been to move my hand from the front of the bowl while standing outside of the porch.

My cat Boo grabbed hold of a large lizard with his teeth. There was no way to save it. Joann said the lizard died. I asked Joann if the lizard was playing possum. She said it is dead.

It was a cute little Hummingbird. I should have been more careful. Our wild raccoon, and possum ate my potato soup I gave them.

Joann stayed with Becky on the porch . It was warm today so I turned on our porch fans. I still have grass to cut, and I have not slept in a few days.

God Bless.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Jackie Lynnley :

      Thank you for writing, and very sorry to hear about you're sick kitten. I hope it will get well soon. Thank you for the cough drops suggestion. I have some in a dresser drawer I forgot about. When I go to the store I will buy some fresh ones to keep in my fanny bag.

      When I worked , for Walmart, I carried a black double zippered bag with a long black strap for seven years. I kept pain pills, a small Testament , a Rosary, my wallet, spending money, and my identification. When I cut grass with my riding lawnmower, I keep my rescue inhaler in my Fanny bag.

      I remember when Fanny bags use to be popular , and they were everywhere, and hikers, runners, and outdoorsman, Tennis players use to use them. Guys in sweats, and baggy pants always used them.

      God Bless You, and you're loved ones.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      So sorry but if the bird took off that fast I imagine it will be OK. I pulled a lot of feathers out of my chicken trying to save her a few days back. We just have to do the best we can and try not to worry about it.

      I am still being a nurse to my little Siamese and she cannot walk right now so I have to move her around to where she needs to be all day until midnight. She has a great appetite though and the Vet says she should be OK in about a week or so. She has not had any life yet or desire to play as kittens do so I hope she gets that chance. Cats have killed out all our pretty lizards, too bad but that is what they do.

      Make sure you do not run out of your stuff to breathe! Carry menthol cough drops in case you do. I use to have real panic attacks not being able to breathe sometimes and those gave me room to breathe. Might keep you alive until you can get help. Please do that.

      We are all praying for you to be alright. Take care of yourself and God send you and your girls many special blessings!


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