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Turning Your Dream Property into your Business

Updated on September 19, 2017

Finding your Dream Property - The Late Night Internet Searches?

If you haven't found your dream property yet, then finding it is your most important obstacle. For most people, the size of the house is the most important part. How many bedrooms, bathrooms? Has the kitchen been remodeled? Basement or no Basement?

We found our dream property after only several days of searching. Websites such as Trulia and Zillow allow you to input your own search parameters. For instance, number bedrooms, baths, acreage, zip code. New entries will go automatically to your email. Another avenue, is give your parameters to a real estate agent, or two, or three! Yes, they can all search the MLS sites, but the more people working on your behalf, the better chances you have to find your property.

And DON'T be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Our dream property was 25 miles outside our original searching area. But on one late night search, my fingers hit an incorrect zip code digit, which widen my search parameters. We are now so thankful that it happened, but if it hadn't, we would still be looking.

Setting up your Dream Property

After you have found your dream property, purchased it, and moved in, take a step back and look at it. Our property is 45 rolling acres, nestled amongst Hoosier National Forest. I got up the first morning I was headed to work and sat on the porch sipping my coffee. The birds were starting to awaken for the morning, chirping and singing in my ears. The bees had already found the newly opened flowers resting against the porch. I looked out across the hillside as the early morning fog was lifting, and got upset. Here we are, on our Dream Property, and I have to go into the City to WORK?!

So, my hubby and I sat down and started looking at what we could grow/raise/sell, so that we could make enough to put back, pay bills, and continue the lifestyle we have grown accustom to. Granted, some things might not be a lavish.

But, the biggest thing you need to look at as you are considering money-making ventures, is "What do I have room for"? Start small. Not only is the investment smaller, but you get your so-called "feet wet" before you get overwhelmed.

Ideas for Money Making Ventures on a Hobby Farm/Homestead

1 - Bees: Honey is a great source of income, and extra bees/hives can be sold.

2 - Mushrooms: Gourmet mushrooms can be sold at top dollar prices to local restaurants.

3 - Chickens: Eggs can be sold and/or hatched for sale of chicks/pullets.

4 - Cows: Can be milked or sold for meat.

5 - Goats: Can be milked or sold for meat.

6 - Veggies/Fruits/Flowers: Surplus can be grown to be sold to local vendors.

Working on Getting our Plans Rolling

So, we purchased our Dream Property in late summer. Too late to get a garden going for profit. However, we are putting out some autumn crops, such as radishes, beets, and spinach. We are planning to build an organic (no pressure treated wood) shed this winter to be prepare for a oyster/shitake mushroom crop next spring and summer. We are building sheds for our cows, goats, and a coop for our chickens. These animals for the farm are going to be purchased next spring. We have already decided on breeds. And this is something that is very important for one to do. I will have another Hub on this topic.

We are also going to construct our bee hives this winter and get our bees next spring. You will find as you start your plans that there is a lot of prep work. Before you start getting animals, their homes need to be established. We are also running about 1500 foot of fence to start with this winter too. Fence selection is very important as well. There will be another Hub on this topic.


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    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 

      9 months ago from Brazil

      We are in the same boat, trying different ideas to make money on our farm. We only have 8 acres here in Brazil, but it can be challenging.

      We have raised tilapia and now have planted coconuts. We are also thinking of raising shrimps which sell well locally.

      I think the key is, just keep moving forward and know the lifestyle we've chosen is 100 times better than living in the city.


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