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Turquoise Chair

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Retro Turquoise Chair: Making a Comeback

A turquoise chair may not seem like something you'd ever want to put in your home, when in fact, a turquoise chair could be just what your home's decor has been needing to give it a little style and pick-me-up. Whether it's a bright turquoise or a very subdued neutral shade of turquoise, a turquoise chair can really give your room some life.

There are numerous options for you when it comes to turquoise. If you're not into the idea of buying an over-sized turquoise chair for living room, then why not consider just an simple retro or vintage style turquoise instead? It's a great option too if you're limited with space or need a splash of color in a smaller room. It's also a really cool idea for a full retro kitchen table feel.

Where You Can Find Turquoise Chairs

Finding a turquoise chair may be harder than you expected, especially if you're not looking for vintage or retro turquoise chairs. This is because many designers do not often make their furniture in turquoise, because many never consider turquoise for their homes.

It's far from passé. Turquoise has made a comeback, and it's more popular than ever. This is because the shades of turquoise have widened.

Your best bets for finding a turquoise chair you love is going to flea markets, antique shops, secondhand furniture stores, or your local furniture stores. Although you may not often find a turquoise chair on the floor, many chair models can be special ordered in the turquoise color.

If you're shopping online, then you can either check real furniture stores or get yourself a discount on online by shopping at or the world's largest auction site eBay.

Don't ever worry about finding a turquoise chair to match your home. If you're truly concerned, then go for a more neutral shade of turquoise and not the bright turquoise we often think of when we hear the color's name. No matter what color decor you have, there is always a turquoise chair that can match.

turquoise chair
turquoise chair


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