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Turquoise Vase

Updated on March 21, 2011

Decorating with a Turquoise Vase

A turquoise vase is not often made from the actual turquoise stone. It is used to describe the color of the vase. As far as design goes, there are many choices. It doesn't matter what style home you have or where you intend to put the vase, because there is definitely one out there that will fit perfectly into your home.

It is sometimes hard to decide what kind of decorations to buy for your home. This is when a turquoise vase could be an easy answer. It really doesn't matter what your current decor looks like because a turquoise vase could be that little touch of elegance and color that your monotonously painted home could be needing.

Choosing the Right Style Turquoise Vase for You

If you're confused as to what style of turquoise vase, or any other color vase for that matter, would fit in with your current decor, here are a few guidelines. Of course these guidelines are not set in stone, because sometimes the most traditional Chinoiserie style vase looks most beautiful in the very modern and sparingly decorated home or apartment.

  • If your home is very traditional, colonial, Victorian, or Classically designed, then you would do best with classic style vases like Chinoiserie or other vases made from porcelain or that have the typical Grecian shape. Chinese vases usually feature a beautifully intricate design on the painted porcelain. You can also look for small bud vases or bud vase shaped vases. Round is also good for you. You can also find wide mouthed vases made from glass. Try to opt away from square or tower shaped vases if you're trying to stick to your current decor.
  • If your home is very modern or you're looking for a modern vase, look for fun shapes, tower vases, round, or square and very wide-rimmed vases. Glass is also a great material. If you want a bit of an eclectic feel, try a very traditional shaped vase like the ones mentioned under traditional homes.

These are just very broad guidelines. The best thing do to when searching for your turquoise vase is to decide where it will be going and whether or not it will be used to hold flowers or just as a home accent. If you are using your new turquoise vase for flowers, then you should look for broader mouthed vases unless you only want to put a single flower in at a time.

Two places I recommend shopping online for a turquoise vase is or eBay.

Turquoise Vase


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