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How To Build a Two Level Above ground Pool Deck Attached to House

Updated on June 18, 2012

Two Level Pool Deck Attached to house

This deck is fastened into an existing porch and added to the back of a house. And then come down another level and goes around half the pool. This project was time consuming. All of the upper deck was supported with 6 X6 pressures Treated Wood posts. It was fastened to the concert wall by Anchor Bolts drilled into the Concert block every 16”. With all Floor Joists having an Exterior Grade Joist Hanger. Being that they change building codes all the time. I will tell you that you need to probably get approval before construction. I made a drawing and had my local Home Improvement Warehouse make me a printed drawing to submit to the local building code enforcement.

After completing and getting Approval I the proceeded to lay out the post locations and starting at the outside corner to dig hole at least 24” deep, whatever is code for you area. This is figured by the depth of frost.

After setting the posts and leveling them with a Level I then mixed 3 Bags of Sackret Concert Mix per each hole making sure that the posts stay plumb. I found the next hole’s in between the corners by Tying a cord between the corners and spacing them according to the blue print I kept then at least 4’ apart. Trying for strength, I would rather have an extra post then not enough. You never know what sort of load that might be on them in the future. Nothing is worse than a wobbly deck because you want to save $50.00.

Next I set the outside corners on the deck around the pool. On these I used 4 X 4 Pressure treated Wood with a hole at least 24” deep. Then finding each of the corners of the lower deck I then dug a hole and set a post keeping it plumbed and square. Next I Dug a hole at each of the corners of the pool. And using a string made sure they were lined up before cementing into place. They must set 48 hours before starting to set the outside boards. The first boards that I put up were the one that fastened to the house. To do this I chalked a line across the cement wall and then drilled each hole and fastened with a 5” Anchor Bolt. The outside boards should be 2 x 8 Double Plate and Bolted thru the Posts with 9” long Carriage bolts with washers and nuts. See Photos. I started the top deck first because it fastened to a small porch.

I then laid out the floor joists at 16” centers. I installed the hangers then Cut the joists to size and nailed them in.

After I completed this I started to lay out outside of the lower deck. They two must be doubled, because of the way we are going to overhand the edge to get to the pool surface. I then installed the hangers on 16” center remembering that I want the ends of the boards to over hand the edge of the pool. Where to pool sets determine which direction the floor joists are going to be installed. See Photo’s

After having all the floor joist installed we then started to put down 2 x 8 deck boards. I used 2 x 8 Decking because I know that when you over hang the pool area that the normal 5/4 lumber would bend. The difference in price is not that much. I then started to install the decking starting at the top and using a pry bar made sure that the boards all butted up tight against each other. This is done because when the wood dry’s it will shrink and you will have a large gap between the boards. If you keep the boards butted tight together when you put them down then when the wood dry’s it should have a 1/8“to 1/4” gap.

The pool deck is treated the same way but the board’s ore set to overhang the steel pool side and be cut off even with the water. How I get this done is by fastening the board to the joists and letting it go over the water a few inches, then take a square and marking both ends where the outside edge is. Draw a line and cut it off. See Photo’s

The next thing is the handrails. I fasten 2 x 4 on the side of posts or buy readymade railing that comes in a variety of designs at most home improvement Stores. The post is the same. The big thing is there are codes that vary from area to area. The code here says that a 4” ball can not fit between the boards

The steps were the last and for this I just bought pre cut risers to go between the decks and installed them. Making sure that they were well bolted down


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