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Types Of Fence

Updated on May 22, 2014
It is all in the Fence
It is all in the Fence | Source

How To Choose a Fence

Choosing a Garden Fence Often comes down to cost and what you are wanting from your fence.

If you want to block out the neighbours or road noise then you will be looking at building a solid fence that also gives some height. People often choose a solid wood, block or a colour steel fence for privacy.

Growing a hedge would be the other option when it comes to privacy but this can take a long time as we have recently discovered.

If you want to go for looks and don't mind the neighbours looking in then you may prefer a lower fence with more detail. The picket fence has managed to remain popular or then there is the iron fence that can ad some appeal to a property.

When choosing a fence you also need to consider the overall look once completed. What ever your needs and what ever you decide you will want to enhance your property to add value.

Some fences may not be suited to keeping pets in or out so again it boils down to what you want your fence to accomplish.

Before you choose what type of fence you are going to have you need to make sure the fence will cater for your needs.

The Picket Fence For visible Appeal
The Picket Fence For visible Appeal | Source

Fence Appeal

Which Fence Do You Think Looks The Best

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The Picket Fence

I love the look of a picket fence how ever this type of fence does nothing to block out the neighbourhood. If the picket fence is the fence that you like best but you were wanting privacy then the other option with this type of fence is to grow trees in the section and still get to enjoy a picket fence.

The picket fence was always popular with the old villa style house and often came with a pretty rose garden but rest assured these fences look good in many settings. Freshly painted you just can't beat them.

The Picket Fence

  1. Looks Good
  2. Does not Cut out a view.
  3. May be ok to keep small dogs and kids in. A larger dog may jump over depending on height.
  4. Freshly painted looks good. From time to time will need a repaint.
  5. Note You can go for a little more height and this fence still looks good.
  6. Looks good painted white but I have seen other colours that also look good .

Building a picket fence does not need to be complicated in fact it is relatively simple. You can buy picket fence panels already made up and once your posts are in the rest is easy.

Painting As I have recently experienced this and it can take some time but once completed stand back and admire. You just can't beat the white picket fence.

The Solid Wood Fence

The solid wood fence. Often chosen for immediate privacy and a safety barrier to keep animals and or children in.

The wooden fence is a good choice for reducing noise and unsightly views.

Once the posts are in building a wooden fence is not too difficult and can be built quite quickly.

You can choose a suitable height ( within local permit restrictions) and paint with a range of colour options.

To add interest and appeal to the wood fence you can decorate with trellis or layers to give effect.

For maintenance a well stained or painted fence will last for sometime but will benefit from a wash down, mould treatment and repaint from time to time to prevent this fence from becoming an eyesore.

The Solid Wood Fence

  1. Cuts out some noise
  2. Creates privacy depending on height
  3. Freshly painted or stained looks good.
  4. Needs to be maintained and repainted from time to time to stay looking Good.
  5. Good for keeping dogs and children in or out.


Solid block Fence

Here is a good alternate for a wood or Colour steel panel fence if privacy is the goal you are wanting to achieve.

The solid concrete block fence is certiainly a permanent option and can look good when freshly painted. It takes a little more expense is time consuming to put up but also good for blocking out noise and containing pets and children.

A block fence with good height is also good for security as it is not so easy to climb.

To maintain and to keep this type of fence looking good this fence would benefit from a clean and mould treatment from time to time and the occasional paint.

You can be artistic and ad decorative blocks for effect and appeal.

The Block Fence

  1. Looks good freshly painted Not so good when not painted.
  2. Costly and takes time to put up
  3. Cuts out Noise
  4. Good for privacy depending on height
  5. Needs cleaning and repainting from time to time to look good.
  6. Great for keeping in children or dogs again depending on height.

Colour Steel Fence

Here is an alternative to wood and block for a solid fence that cuts all view beyond.

The colour steel has become a popular option. Fast to put up does not need painting, Gives privacy .

Low on maintenance and comes in a range of colours. You can also mix and match colours or enjoy a patterned or trellis feature to add appeal.

The Colour Steel Fence

  1. Quick to put up
  2. Does not need to be painted
  3. Comes in a range of colours
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Good Privacy.


Iron Or Steel Fence

The Iron , steel and aluminium decorative fence is great for pools, security or even to ad appeal to the boundary of a property.

A long term material and available in a range of interesting patterns and designs this may be a suitable option for you.

How ever in the main part this fence is not so good on giving privacy and like the picket fence if you do wish for both then planting your section with trees may become the option to assist with privacy.

Maintenance depends on the material used . As iron may rust and look unsightly over time you can get other materials that will look good for a long time.

The Iron and steel Fence.

  1. Looks Good and is complemented by plants and the garden.
  2. Good choice for pools
  3. Can be suited to security depending on design.
  4. Not so good for privacy or limited noise.
  5. Choose wisely with materials and your fence will be low maintenance.
  6. Ok for keeping dogs and children in.


The above looks at a range of common fences often used for domestic settings.

You can easy design your own fence with a little artistic approach.

Just by incorporating trellis or interesting paint colours you can create a unique look and a fence can be complimented with wall art or climbers to ad interest.

The final approach will depend on what you want from your fence. Privacy ? Appeal? Cost? all these things need to be considered include how difficult the fence will be to maintain.

Remember to keep pets in and kids safe you may need a gate to match.


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