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Types Of Outdoor Dining Furniture

Updated on July 14, 2009

With such a wide spectrum of designs, styles, and colors of outdoor dining furniture it can be often be difficult to make a decision on which set of table and chairs are most suited or able to blend straight in to the existing decor. Dining sets can range from the simple, elegant, and casual in Wicker to a perfect set for dining by the poolside in Aluminum, or a dining set for all occasions in Teak. Perfectly suited for an intimate or friendly dinner in a relaxed and peaceful setting.

Aluminum Outdoor Dining Furniture

Aluminum outdoor furniture is one of the most popular choices in furnishings in a backyard or garden for all homeowners on the lookout for a tough, dependable, and almost care-free set of tables and chairs. Aluminum doesn't rust, so able to cope without problem in all weather conditions. It’s just a case of a quick wipe over before the next use if need be. Sets come in a choice of designs, including tubular, cast and wrought aluminum - the chosen design will be down to personal taste.

Outdoor Wicker Dining Furniture

Outdoor wicker furniture is created with interlaced slender branches, with a choice of lightweight, yet strong materials, such as plastic, bamboo, or rattan. The wicker furniture offers a tropical and casual look. Ratten designed chairs  require no paint and look great with just its natural finish. A modern method to produce wicker furniture is now with plastic. This results in a weather resistant, often comfortable and low-maintenance set-up - although its doesn't look as natural as materials such as rattan or bamboo. 

Teak Outdoor Dining Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is a high-cost option, it ages gracefully, and will stay beautiful for a long time to come - which all results in a fine set of furniture that can be use to outfit a grand backyard with a range of tables and chairs. Teak benefits from its own natural oils to offer a polished and glossy appearance - which is also rot fee and bug repellent.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

In order to protect an often expensive set of garden furniture it’s a wise choice to put in place the appropriate measures to cover it in all weather conditions - sunshine, rain, or snow. Durable, weather-resistant, vinyl or polyester covers are definitely the best way to go for protecting that investment made in outdoor furniture. Protective covers are of course available in a multitude of sizes to fit most groupings of patio furniture.

Whether it’s to entertain guests or just to spend a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine there are a multitude of outdoor dining tables to suit all tastes and to complement the existing decor of home and yard. 


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