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7 Types and Makes of Wine Glasses

Updated on April 24, 2017
A chart of types of wine glasses.
A chart of types of wine glasses. | Source

The fact is, unless you are a restaurant owner, you don't care much about the glass your favorite tot of red wine is served in. After all, you will still enjoy a sip of your favorite drink regardless of the glass it is served in.

But if you are true wine enthusiasts, you know too well that certain wines are best served in specific wine glasses. If you own a wine joint, then it pays to know which types of glassware you should be serving your revellers in. In this guide, we explore the makes and variations of wine glasses that you can choose from in the stores.

Parts of a Wine Glasses

1. The bowl- this is the space where you put the wine. Bowls vary from shallow to widely designed ones depending on intended use.

2. The stem- the stem is the narrow section that connects the bowl to the base of the wine glass. It is often used to hold the glass when taking wine.

3. The base- this is the round, bottom part of the glass. It provides stability to the glass.

The 7 Types of Wine Glasses.

1. The Burgundy Glass for the Finest Red Wines

The wine glass originated from Eastern France. It's oval shaped and has a wide large bowl that allows wine to spread evenly and get aerated. The sturdy base makes the wine glass steady even when full of contents.

2. Large bordeaux

The glass flaunts a typically wide bowl, a long stem anchored on a heavy base. The lips of the glass are, however, narrower than the lower body of the wine glass.

This glass is ideal if you are serving Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or Merlots strains of red wines.

3. Madeira

Madeira wine glasses add a tinge of aesthetic pleasure that makes Madeira wine such beauty to taste. Basically, the glass features an elongated stem, a tapered bowl and a thick, transparent glass that makes the wine glass stand out.

4. Vintage

There are diverse makes of Vintage wine glasses. Some have a blue stem and a gold rim while others flaunt gold coloration on the stem and the base.

They are ideal for serving any vintage wine but only in a special occasion.

5. Hock

You can never appreciate the taste of your wine if you don't appreciate the ware it is served in. For those with a fine taste for German wines, this is the glass to go for.

6. Tulip

Good wines dictate that they be served in equally good wine glasses. One such wine glass is the uniquely designed Tulip wine glasses. Among other features, this wine glass has a tulip shaped bowl that makes it ideal for serving tipples to revelers.

7. Tumbler

These do not have a stem or an elaborate base area. Rather, the flat, bottom side of the glass acts as the base of the glass. This glass is often used to serve wines on dinner tables especially in Italian homes or restaurants.

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Bonus tip: What determines the type of wine glass to buy.

1. The type of wine you are to serve or take.

2. The type of revelers you will be serving.

Wrapping it all.

If you are an enthusiast of red wines, you definitely can't to have some valuable additions to this selection of wine glasses. Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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