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Types of Folding Chairs

Updated on February 2, 2012

Mobile Luxury

Mobile luxury, the folding chair allows you to take the comfort of sitting wherever you go, be it a football game on a Friday night, the beach on vacation, going camping on a trip, or tailgating at a party. Folding chairs come in many styles and materials based on what the chair is intended to do.

Steel Folding Chairs
Steel Folding Chairs | Source

Steel Folding Chairs

A sturdy steel folding chair for long lasting use around the home as a lawn chair or extra seating at the dinner table, it may not be the best choice for the beach or camping do to weight, but may make itself useful in an RV do to limited space. These chairs tend to be the pick for weddings when seating many outside. These chairs sometimes have cushions making long sitting sessions more comfortable, others are just metal, making them last longer.

Tailgate Chair
Tailgate Chair | Source

Tailgating Chairs

Light weight metal framed tailgating chairs are a good mix of strength and weight for camping and baseball games, these chairs tend to have fabric in place of a cushion and are waterproof and dry fast so they are outdoor weather friendly. These chairs tend to have cup holders, a side pocket for magazines and fold up to fit in a waterproof bag the size of an umbrella, making them great for most everything but formal occasions, such as dinner and weddings, but who wants to go to those anyway?

Wood folding chair
Wood folding chair | Source

Wood Folding Chair

Other types include wooden folding chairs, these types of chairs need care do to the nature of wood, and have a style all there own, for this reason, these types of chairs tend to be used for style around the home, and possible extra seating. Wood does not do well in moist weather conditions making this a bad choice to buy unless its single use is all you intend to get out of the chair. Some wooden folding chairs are made for outdoor and patio use, but still tend to need extra care and planning unlike other types of folding chairs

Directors Chair
Directors Chair | Source

Directors Chair

One famous type of folding chair has to be the “Directors Chair,” this chair is identifiable from the 'X' shape of the legs, and has “Director” written on the back, marking the chair used by the director in movie production. The classic version that sometimes comes to mind when thinking of this chair has black fabric with a wooden frame. This chair is also made from many types of metals such as aluminum and steel giving it different amounts of strength and weight and will sometimes come with features of a tailgating folding chair, such as the cup holder, magazine sized pocket, and even a folding side table.


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      nivedita mohapatra 4 years ago

      i want director chair and wooden folding chair cost in india and wher availeble in mumbai i am in mumbai colaba