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Types of Gardens

Updated on July 1, 2013

A Productive Hobby

Gardening can be a fun and productive hobby. The main types of gardens include flower, vegetable, and fruit gardens. Deciding which type of garden to plant can sometimes be the hardest choice.

Flower gardens can turn even the dullest landscapes into a beautiful showpiece for your home, especially when planned out wisely. Perennials are hardy and stay healthy year-round, making them a favorite in yards across the country. Different perennials thrive in different areas and climates. A little research can provide you with the best choices of perennials for the region.

Flowers, Fruits, or Vegetables?

Once the layout has been planned, it's time to do some digging. Once the working phase has been completed, sit back and enjoy the newly planted garden. Proper care and maintenance can help keep the landscape looking nice all year long.

Vegetable gardens are more time consuming and require a little more work, yet having fresh home-grown vegetables makes the extra effort worth the time it takes.Vegetable gardens are a little more work, and more time consuming, yet the benefits of having
fresh vegetables are well worth it.

Have produce growing almost year-round with a little planning ahead. When planning the layout of the vegetable garden, keep in mind that you may want to add other plants during the season. This way you and your family can taste a variety of delicious vegetables all year.

Fruit gardens require more maintenance and care than flower or vegetable garden types. Pests are a common problem when growing fruits. Not only does the soil and fertilizer need to be correct for the region, pesticides that get rid of the pests, but are also safe for human consumption should be chosen over other pesticides.Fruit gardens are great ideas for those who like to put a lot of work into their hobbies. Soil needs to be maintained towards the fruits you wish to harvest.

Give some careful thought when choosing a garden type. Decide how much work you are willing to put into it and just what you want out of your garden. Consider how much room you have to complete your project, and if the area is suitable for the chosen plants.

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