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Types of Gas lawn edgers

Updated on December 15, 2010

lawn edger

What category do lawn edgers fall under?

A lawn gas edgers are going to fall under the category of lawn tools. The gas edgers are going to be used often as a tool that will properly divide the walkway or pathway from the area of lawn that you are using as your garden or lawn. When you are looking to make a purchase of lawn tools such as the edger, you can choose to purchase a electric edger or gas edgers. The electric edger will use the electric motor versus the gas edgers which will use a two stroke motor operated on gasoline.

Uses of the lawn gas edger


With the use of the lawn gas edgers you will be able to make a clear statement that will allow users to know where your lawn meets your pathway or walkway. You can achieve a clear divide by seperating your lawn from the walkway which allows guests and visitors to know what and where you should walk when walking in the area. This can be used to join your garden from your pathway or walkway. All of this can be done with the use of the gas edgers. The gas edger should be a tool that most homes use for their lawn or garden.

Comparison of gas and electric


The comparison between the gas edgers and the electric edgers is more than just the one taking gas and the other taking electric. The electric edger will take a long cord and a battery while the gas edger can be used in areas where there is no electric available. When you are shopping for the gas trimmer edger, you will then want to keep your mind made up about which preference you have in mind. The one thing that you will want to bear in mind is that the tool should be affordable as well as being efficient. One option that you have available is the echo gas edger.

Which is better to purchase?


The gas edgers are going to use a two stroke motor that will be operated from the use of gas and oil. It can be very difficult at times to differenciate between the two of them other than the cord applied to one and the motor attached to the other. If you are shopping in a superstore who offers these items, you will want to make sure that you look at the box carefully so that you know which one you are buying as it can be easy to mix up the electric edger from the gas edgers by just looking at the box.


gas edgers are a good choice as it will simply use the gas to operate which gives it a stronger power supply than the electric edger. If you have a large garden area that you will be using the edger in, it would be more useful to use the gas edgers than it would be to use the electric edger and have to tote a long extension cord in order to use the edger.

The gas edgers will make more noise than the electric edger but the gas edger will offer a heavier duty solution for many consumers. You will be easily able to operate the gas edger which comes in handy when you want to trim and cut the shrubs or other plants in your garden or lawn. Both of these lawn tools are affordable and can be convienant for you.



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